15 New Habits That’ll Change Your Life For The Better

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How to get unstuck in life?

Feeling stuck? It’s okay. To get unstuck you have to get stuck first. This is the only way for you to think about changing your life.

Life has so many areas the basic ones are (Mind, Body, and finances).

I will only cover the mind area because this is the most important area that will change your life.

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1- Plan your Day Ahead

Planning out your day can instantly save you a headache and overwhelming. Not just a to-do list, try to be creative and plan out how you would like your day to be, and stick to it.

Your mind doesn’t have to wonder about what to do next because you already “planned it” doing so can leave your mind in clarity and will get you creative.

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2- List 100 Ideas in 20 Minutes

List down everything that comes to your mind in 20 minutes if it doesn’t make any sense just keep writing when the time ticks off leave the paper for today and come back to it the next day. You will find so many ideas there that you can choose from and try them out.

You never know which idea can change your life.

Nora Dunn explains this method better.

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Figure out what you want in life?

Grab this free workbook, and get unstuck in just 20 minutes.

Get clear on what you want and find your life purpose.

If you feel stuck and lost and have nowhere to start, download this free guided workbook, to help you get clear with your life purpose, even if you don’t believe it (yet).

3- Read 3 Pages

Read every single day, and 3 pages are enough to start. I always mention reading because it’s really a cure for your mind, reading helps to sharpen your brain, improve your mood, change the way you think, and can change your perspective, so why not reading?

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4- Play chess

Did you know that playing chess can improve your solving problem skills and helps you be calm? And there are many more benefits of playing chess. You can also play crosswords or, puzzles they have the same benefits.

Improving your mind skills by games that will challenge your mind will ultimately help you to change your life.

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5- Be Mindful

So many things come to mind when you think of the word be mindful but it’s all about being present in everything you do, really focusing on that moment. When you give 50% of your focus on something you will not get far.

So instead give everything you do your full focus and just get it done, then you can move on to other things.

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6- Meditate

Many styles of meditation can help reduce stress. Also, Some forms of meditation can also lead to an improved self-image and a more positive outlook on life. 

Be creative, meditation is more than just sitting and doing nothing.

You can watch 10 minutes guided meditation here.

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7- Shut your Chatter Box

Your chatterbox is your inner voice and it has all the bad things to say about you. Check your conversations with yourself mostly they are negative.

So here is a small exercise you can do first, give your chatter box a name (mine is Susan), and then you want to give it a character it could be a mean “person”  or whatever you feel fit the character of your chatterbox.

Secondly, you want to notice your thoughts and your conversation with yourself when you catch a negative conversation pause, then remember that character you give to your “chatterbox”

Lastly, say thank you for whatever negative conversation you had with your “chatterbox” and just let it go.

Putting your chatterbox into a character form will make you more aware of what you say to yourself and will distance you from unnecessary negative talk and emotions.

You can read more about chatter box in this book here 

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on Bob Protcor

8- Living list

The living list is a bucket list, but calling it a living list makes it more fitted with your life situation, as for a bucket list you feel it’s unreachable and maybe one day you can do it.

So instead, call it a living list and pick one thing from that list that I can do today.

It can be riding a motorcycle, searching around or asking friends and neighbors if they know someone who can rent it for you.

Don’t wait for your list to accomplish by itself make it happen.

Figure out what you want in life?

Grab this free workbook, and get unstuck in just 20 minutes.

Get clear on what you want and find your life purpose.

If you feel stuck and lost and nowhere to start, download this free guided workbook, to help you get clear with your life purpose, even if you don’t believe it (yet).

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9- Declutter your Social Media

Start deleting apps, unsubscribing from subscriptions, and unfollowing people you no longer find value following them.

Digital decluttering is important for your mental health and it can have an impact on your self-image and your life, so get rid of all the unnecessary things that you don’t need.

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10- Eliminate things that no longer serve you

Every once in a while you should do a self check for things around you if they fill their purpose or they are no longer serving you.

Identify what to eliminate will bring you peace and will ultimately change your life.

It could be a friend who is always negative and makes you uncomfortable, or maybe you’re a part of a team, but you feel it doesn’t serve you in any way.

Those are the kind of things you want to eliminate.

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11- Reflect on Yourself

When you’re trying to change your life you need to reflect on yourself first. Everyone can benefit from some alone time from the chaos and just reflect on themselves.

You can have launch alone or have a walk alone.

You’ll reap the most benefits from your experiences by reflecting on them.

So try to experience a lot of things on your own.

We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience -John Dewey

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12- Set Priorities

The power of elimination is endless. By focusing only on a few of your most important priorities and eliminating everything else you will be on the right track to achieving your goals and will help you change your life.

Warren Buffett created the 25/5 rule that helps you to set your priorities:

  1. Make a list of 25 goals you want to accomplish in x amount of time.
  2. Review your list and pick your top 5 priorities.
  3. Focus on the top 5 and avoid the others for now.
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13- Minimalist

Own less, live more, and create space for the things you love.  Doing so can help can you create valuable space physically and mentally

Finding happiness in life takes action, and organization is one of many ways to get started.

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14- Review your Day Each Night

it’s a great way to reflect back on the things you did during the day and see which one needs to be changed or can be improved.

Each night before you go to sleep think about each moment of your day and how you can make it better the next day.

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15- Do it Now

Don’t wait for things to get better or for something to happen, you only have today. This is something only you will know.

But here is a clue: it is what you keep putting off till tomorrow, or next week, or next year….

Keep moving forward this is all that matters.

Source Megan Robinson

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Final Note

There you have it 15 habits that can change your life even if you only implemented one thing.

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15 New Habits That’ll Change Your Life For The Better

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