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Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020


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Productivity isn’t about the things that you can do daily, it’s about the important tasks that can have a big impact on your life.

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So here are a few more ways to stay productive

1-Small Goals


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Small goals are easier to achieve and can make you feel more productive. by setting a small goal each day, you will be able to achieve bigger goals on the long run.


  • Walking 5000 steps a day (part of a long term goal to stay active)
  • Save 30$ (part of a long term goal to save more money)
  • Eat more veggies (part of a long term goal to lose weight)
  • Write 1500 word a day (part of a long term of writing a book)

2-Track Time


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Tracking time is essential when you are trying to stay productive, when you are home all day it’s easy to forget about time and have nothing done so, best way is to set time for each thing you do during the day whether it’s cooking, reading or whatever you do. setting time will force you to stay focused on what you do and will help you to get more things done during the day.

Same principle as setting 10 minutes

3-Avoid social media


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It’s part of everyone’s daily lives but it’s used against you. We are soaked up in never ending content. Imagine what it could do when it comes to productivity? So allow yourself to fully block yourself from all this content whenever you are working on a certain task.

here is a more detailed article about social media addiction


4-prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize.


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Which task is more important for you and have a big impact on your life? Figure out which one is and then work on it very well, then you can move on other tasks.

When you have dreadful task and you finish it first thing in the morning, you will feel more productive. Think of how do you feel when you realized that you finished working out first thing in the morning?

Remember it’s all in the little IMPORTANT things.

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  • Set a small goals
  • Keep up with the time
  • Avoid time consumers
  • Prioritize your tasks



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