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    Life gets in the way and you start to feel low and in a bad mood then, you start to think of many ways that you can do to make you feel better. But, the reality is that we get stuck and instead, we keep feeling low the whole day so, it’s better to make a list and keep it somewhere so when you feel bad mood is just around the corner you can use the list.

    This is the second part of the 45 ways to boost your mood. 

    Check first part here 

    Here are 45 ways to boost your mood

    26-Start A Vision Board

    If you have no idea what vision boards are then you are missing out a lot. They are collections colleges of images of the things you want in your life, E.X friends, travel, or career.

    This will keep your mind off what’s holding you down and feeling a bad mood.

    If you don’t know which vision board to start with, then I recommend checking this one out.

    *please note that some of the products I recommend are affiliate which means I may earn a commission if you decided to purchase through any of the links in the post, this comes at no extra cost to you. Please read disclosure here for more.

    27-Start A New Hobby

    Don’t get limited with hobbies you already know, try to include a new hobby that you wanted to try for so long. It could be photography, cooking, or writing. There is always something new that you can try.

    When you are in a bad mood your stress hormones arise and by keeping your brain occupied in some sort of skill helps to lower the stress hormones.

    SkillShare has got all the hobbies you want to learn.

    28-Deep Breathing

    Get connected with yourself, deep breathing is proven to help to lower your stress hormones and overall brain functionality. 

    Spend 5 minutes focusing on your breathing and imaging drawing a square in your mind, just in case your mind starts to wonder.

    29-Search For A self Help book

    Books are therapeutic, but it might be best to opt in a self -help book that will help you better understand yourself and to avoid feeling low most of the time.

    You can check here for books I recommend.

    Here some what obvious ways

    30-Take Care of Your Skin

    The best you can do is to have a facial spa day, taking care of yourself and caring for your skin will ultimately change your mood.

    31-Organize your wardrobe

    Take care of your surroundings and, try to organize your whole wardrobe will make you feel better by the end of the day. 

    32-Put On An Outfit

    This goes with the previous point. Try mix and match any items you have, and you might end up having a new outfit.

    33-Dye Your Hair

    Don’t go with anything crazy (unless you want) but, try to dye your hair you don’t have to dye with different color. Maybe you can do same color of your hair.  It’s another fun way to lift up your mood.

    photo by Mikhail on Unsplash

    34-Play With Your Pet

    If you don’t have one, skip.

    Don’t miss the chances of petting and playing with them. it’s been proven pets can lower stress hormones, so go play with your pet.

    35-Start A New Workout Routine

    If you have been doing some kind of workout, maybe it’s time to try something new. There are many options you can choose from, try to look for what’s best for you.


    36-Try Yoga

    If you haven’t tried yoga before, I highly recommend trying it at least once a week. There is something about it that makes you calmer and more aware.


    37-Self Massage

    You can massage your face, as massaging can help relax the muscles in your face and the tension. Beside, it will make your face younger so, it’s a win win.

    You can use your finger but, if you have no idea how to start you can use this one to help with massaging.

    38-Online Shopping

    You don’t have to spend money to feel good instead, just look for things you like or fashion trends right now or, maybe something you want to buy later.

    This will definitely boost your mood.

    photo by Itay Kabalo on Unsplash

    39-Watch Sunset

    Sit and watch the sunset, this will make you feel relaxed. Plus, it’s an amazing view.


    40-Write A Bucket List

    It’s important to make time for the things you enjoy or you hope to accomplish one day, start working on it. If you didn’t write a bucket list, maybe you should as this will give you some sense of good feelings.

    41-Watch Inspiring Documentary

    This one is really good especially, if you don’t feel that you are not doing enough. Watch documentary that will inspire you or a documentary for person you admire, this in turn will give you a good energy.

    42-Write A Book

    Writing a story about your situation from a different perspective will help you understand those low emotions. The purpose is to shift your mindset.


    43-Write A Letter

    Another good way to boost your mood is to write a letter for your favorite person (you don’t have to send it) or for yourself.

    44-Get Intimate

    It’s self-explanatory, but you might be not aware of this but, this will make you feel good about yourself and boost energy.


    Getting some tan is another form of self care and self care boosts your mood and energy. Now it might not be an option to tan somewhere but, you can still do it in the backyard or a place in your house that has access to sunlight, don’t forget to use SPF.

    Few More Ways

    46- Save Money

    47- Take Photos

    48- Gratitude Journal

    49- Sleep

    50- Smile

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    Hi, I'm Amira and I run the website The Self Art for creative women who want to work on self improvement and becoming their best version by setting goals with a fun twist.

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    1. Damaris

      Great tips! This is something that will come in handy now with the pandemic situation.

      1. Amira

        thank you, we could all use a little something.

    2. Cathy

      Some great ideas! I am going to keep this list handy! Thanks

      1. Amira

        Glad you found it helpful.

    3. Angie

      Great tips! It’s so important to lift always try and lift up your mood. That’s why my favorite tip is Put on an outfit. Especally during Covid-times. This can make such a difference to your day! <3

      1. Amira

        I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    4. Hania

      This was so much needed, thank you!