Hi there, I'm Amira.

I write The Self Art for young women who are looking to up-level their life and work on new goals with mindset work.  

My goal is to help young women to live a life full of potential and do what they love. 

If you experience any of the following it’s totally okay:


  • Fear
  • Lost
  • Self low esteem
  • Overwhelm
  • Scarcity. 
  • Anxiety. 

I have been there myself and I’m still experiencing these emotions to this day but doing mindset work has completely changed the game. 

If you go through life doing what you have always done and what everyone tells you to do there is nothing wrong with that but here is the thing. 


You can change that 100%

Build a life that you love. 

By doing the inner work. 


This is what I teach in this space, I have upgraded my blog to make it more grounded and stick to one mission so I can help you become more mindful, solve your day-to-day challenges, and create a life on purpose.


Like you, I’m a young woman trying to break through what I’ve always been taught and looking to become the first in my family to travel solo and move my life abroad. 

I’ve gone from living in fear, complaining, and stressed out to being more grounded and confident in my dreams and goals


All my results have changed from doing this inner and mindset work. 

I stopped labeling myself as an introvert and started to be social and meet new people, I have traveled to different places, and I changed my career which I loved a lot to something more competitive and that I enjoy doing, I also invested a lot of money into myself which I have always believed that spending money on courses programs is just a luxury and wasn’t even possible to do. 

Amira the self art mindset blog for young women

I have been able to do that and still continue to do with this inner work and I’m applying mindfulness tools in my life. 


You can do exactly the same. 

This is what I can help you with. 

To get started, download the discovery workbook