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Achieve your goals with 20 actions tips

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How to achieve your dreams and goals

After you know which types of goals to set and how to make a goal list, you need an action plan to help you achieve your goals faster. 

There are many ways to achieve your goals in life but it’s not about how many steps you take, it’s about the right steps to help you accomplish those goals.

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But first, let’s talk about how can goals make you successful?

There are 6 different ways goals make you successful:

  • Setting goals can change your perspective 
  • Goals can help you to set a vision for yourself
  • Having a clear goal can improve your happiness 
  • Design your life on purpose 
  • Setting goals can also help when challenges arrive 
  • And lastly, goals can make you looking forward to your day

Now you understand how can setting goals makes you successful, let’s see how you can achieve your dreams and goals faster.

 Here are 20 ways to reach your goals faster 

1- Write down your goals

As boring as it sounds, you’ll wish that you have done that sooner than later.

If you asked any successful person how they achieve their goals, they’ll say they always write it down.

If you learned anything from my blog, I always encourage you to write down your goals and one way to do that is to use a goal planner.

Here are some of my favorite planners to set your goals.

Action tip: Pick one area in your life and write down your goals for that area.

*PS don’t forget to use the SMART type of goal.

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2- Keep visual reminders of your goals 

Have you ever heard of vision boards? They’re not a magic board or anything, it’s the power of helping you to stay focused on your goals.

Action tip: Collect inspiring images and put them in one place, Ideally a board, and place it anywhere you can always see.

*hint a fridge.

3- Ask yourself what is the next step? 

One way to achieve your goal faster is to use your brainpower, it knows the answers already.

By using the right question you’ll know 9 out of 10 times which next step to take to achieve your goals.

Action tip: Each night take a minute to think about your goal and ask yourself what the next thing I need to do to help me achieve that goal? 

Get ready to receive your answer.

A small story, you might don’t know that English is not my native language, but with this tip, I mastered the language by myself.

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4- Break your goals

How to achieve 10 years goals in 6 months?

Sounds like BS but if you think about it, it’s the small daily action you take that will help you achieve any goal faster.

Think of your goal as a maze and the only way to get there is to go through the maze to reach the end of it (You might guessed it) which will only happen if you take action no matter how big or small.

Action tip: Pick one goal and brainstorm steps to take to achieve your goals.

There are no right or wrong here.

Which brings me to my next point.

5- Schedule your Goals

How the hack you schedule goals? You may ask.

Nobody reaches a goal overnight, right? It’s only the small actions that you take every day, those are the goals you need to schedule.

Action tip: After you breake down your goals, schedule them on your calendar.

Don’t use a deadline to do them.

*Make them part of your daily life.

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6- Write an action plan

I know I said at tip 1 is to write down your goals but an action plan is different than writing down your goals.

Think of a soccer team, the main goal is to win points higher than their opponents (that’s the goal), the coach makes sure to come up with a strategy to make that happen (Action plan).

That’s what you need to aim for.

Action tip: Focus on one goal and list down what needs to be done to get to your result.

7- What would this person do?

One of the best proven ways that I learned to help you achieve your goals faster is to put yourself in your next level version of yourself.

What would this next version of yourself would do? There are no right or wrong answers here, you’re the judge.

Action tip: Before bed ask yourself this question what would this person who has the result I want would do? You’re guaranteed to come up with an answer when you wake up. 

8- Get accountable 

Have you ever had a meeting with an old friend at 10 am and you wake up excited but when you need to wake up at the same time to do something for yourself you just get…lazy

We all have been there, but this is kind of behavior will stall on your goals.

Instead, you need to master self discipline, it’s a skill you almost need for everything.

You need to have the same promise for yourself just as you would for a friend.

Figure out why you cant attain to this goal? Maybe you don’t like going to the gym alone? You can get a workout buddy then. 

Action type: Think of the most common “reasons” you come up with when it comes to your goals, list them down on your phone or in a notebook, and then make a strategy around each one of them.

Take it one by one.

 Goals examples: My main goal is to work from home and I still work part time for a school but it’s almost impossible to have a schedule because they can call at any time to go to work (that’s the obstacle).

My strategy: Wake up a few hours earlier to work on the important tasks I have for today.

9- You are the reason why?

This is the most overlooked tip of them all and it’s the reason why most people give up on their goals faster.

Having a solid reason for why you want any of your goals will act as your backup when hardships come because they’ll come.

Ask yourself why do I want this goal is the perfect start.

Action tip: On your phone or in a notebook write down the reasons why you want this goal as much as you can.

Go bold here or go home.

10- Do it daily 

This is a golden rule to achieve your goals.

Reaching your goals is not about the result, it’s about the daily action you take to reach your goals.

Think of it this way, for someone to lose weight they need to practice or move at least everyday.

So you need to aim to do at least 1% each day to accomplish your goals faster.

Action tip: Anything that can get you from A to B still counts.

*Brainstorm counts as an daily action as well

Now let’s move on with the emotional state that will help you reach your dreams and goals.

11- Pick an emotion 

Just like going on a trip, how does it makes you feel? Excited, joyful, happiness? You feel the positive emotions. You should do the same thing when thinking and working on your goals.

When you’re in the right emotional state it helps your mind to think in different ways that will help you reach your dreams.

Action tip: Ask yourself what kind of emotion you want to feel when leading this goal? And start feeling that emotion along the way.

12- Meditation 

It shouldn’t be a surprise that meditation is on this list but a lot of people seem to run away when it’s involved.

I’m not gonna talk about its benefits but, to maintain the emotion that leads to your goal meditation will help you maintain it even faster.

Action tip: Spend 5 minutes any time during the day to meditidate and think about your goal with the emotion you choosed.

13- Yeah but technique 

Another point to mention is that along with setting goals there comes the self destructive thoughts, they’re normal.

But, as thoughts come you’re more likely to give up. 

this is why the yeah but technique comes into play.

Whenever a negative thought a rise don’t fight with it, simply let it be and add after “yeah but” positive statement

Example: I don’t think I’m qualified for that job but I have more skills that are required for this rule.

Or, I can’t seem to see any difference since I started working out but if I continue and push myself I’ll eventually see the results.

This technique is provided by tinybuddah

Action tip: List down the common negative thoughts that arise when you think about your goals and after each one use the “but” technique.

14- Fail Forward 

You gonna fail and that’s okay and the fact that you’re able to realize this sooner will help you when failing happens, so you can be more prepared.

And that doesn’t mean to make a lot of different plans but instead, fix one thing about the plan that might lead eventually to success.

Keep trying until it’s done.

Action tip: Plan ahead of what you can do if your plan to reach your goals failed?

15- Review Your goals

How you gonna know you achieved your goals? Or if you’re going in the right direction? 

By putting out a measured result to measure your success will help you to accomplish goals even faster.

Action tip: Each week sit down and check where you succeed and where you failed.

Example: If your goal is to lose weight then tracking weight loss every week will help you move forward.

16- Reward yourself

How would you feel when your boss asks you you’ll get a bonus if you did XYZ? You’re more likely to be motivated to start doing that.

Doing the same thing with your goal will help you achieve it even faster.

Action tip: Set a reward you’re excited about and tell yourself you’ll only get that reward until you accomplish this goal.

17- Visualize your goals

You know I was going to include that because, in a world where everyone wants to achieve their goals and dreams, they always seem to prefer a reliable method and visualization is one of em.

And in case you don’t know what visualization is, it’s picturing your goals in your mind.

And what that does is it put your mind on focus to help you achieve goals in life.

But this is different than meditation, I highly recommend watching this video to help you visualize.

My go to guy!

18- More action

How many times you fell for the trap of having a goal and doing all the above but then you don’t see much of a difference? Because thinking and planning about your goal won’t do much, what will make a difference is you taking massive action toward that big goal.

Action Tip: Each day ask yourself what could I do in 5 minutes that would move me in the direction of my dream?

19- Build new habits

To achieve your goals and dreams you need to be a completely new and different person and if you think about it you are what you are by the habits you do every day.

So you want to create new habits that’ll support your new goals.

For example:

Traveling requires finical stability and for this to happen you need to know how to handle money, the habit that will make the goal happen (to travel) is to build the habit of budgeting.

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20- Get a coach

Seriously it’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make. I was lucky enough to be able to speak with 2 different coaches to help me with my goal, and I’ll continue to speak with coaches for so many reasons and one of them is how much they can open your eyes.

I used Noomi to look for different coaches and you get 3 with a free call to each.

Check their service here.

Complete List Of Podcast Episodes

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Now you know what kind of actions to how to achieve your goals and dream it’s time to start scheduling your action, by using different types of planner that suits your goals.

Your next step is to download the complete pdf list of podcast episodes on how to achieve your goals.

Complete List Of Podcast Episodes

To help you achieve goals from A to Z

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