Best Self Help Books Of All Time

Best Self Help books of all time
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Don’t you love challenges? And the best way to start with any challenge are Books, and not just any books but self-help books. 

This is Day 1 of the 5 days self improvement challenge.

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And for today I’ll talk about the best self-help books of all time. They have helped me tremendously to change my life, hope they can do the same for you.

Self-help books are not just some guides you can use right away, sometimes they can be. But most importantly, they give you a new perspective and give you action steps to implement throughout your life.

In short, self-help books won’t help you if you just read it, liked it, decided to put some actions and then leave it after 2 weeks. Instead, it’s a long term result.

Your goals every day is to work on implementing the strategies and the plans you read through self-help books that will set you on the right path.

If this sounds good to you read on for the best self-help books of all time.


Best Of Self Help Books Of The All-Time #1- Deep Work By Cal Newport 

Do you want to get more done in less time? 

Learn the science behind multitasking, attention, and productivity?

Do you want to increase your productivity?

Then this is the best self-help book for you.

Here are the 4 strategies from deep work to increase 

Your productivity:

Strategy 1 

Monastic Approach:

Monastic relating to where the monks live, but you don’t have to be a monk to be productive. What Cal meant is to completely shut yourself off, move far away if you can, and don’t come back until you finish what you need to get it done.

This is best for novel writers or writers in general but it’s not for everyone.

Strategy 2 

The Bimodal Approach:

This strategy is about prioritizing deep work above everything. He explains for this strategy that you set a time frame for yourself from 4-6 hours, lock yourself in an office or room and try to get the task done, then after the time frame, you are free to do whatever you wanna do.

The strategy is best for students, employers. 

Strategy 3

The Rhythmic Approach:

Cal explains in this strategy to divide your work into time blocks. By using a calendar try to plan ahead of the week before you work on something.

Set 20 blocks (of the total task) for 90 minutes.

This strategy can almost fit with anyone.

Strategy 4

The Journalistic Approach:

To simply put it, it’s for those who have a busy day to day life. You start to deep work when you only have free time.

Perfect for busy people

Best of self help books

Self-Improvement Challenge

Free Ebook: 

Do you struggle with your personal development journey?

I know it’s not easy

Which is why this 10 days challenge is for you  

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    Best Of Self Help Books Of The All Time #2 You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

    This self-help book helps you to become self-aware, figuring out what you want, and what to do to reach your goals.

    Here are 3 lessons from You Are A Badass

    Lesson 1

    Limiting Beliefs:

    The power of your sub-conscience thoughts is what’s holding you back. They come from when you were very young, your family, or anything that you surrounded yourself with when you were young. 

    If you were told when you are young that money is hard to get, your choices in life will act based on that thought/belief! 

    Let’s take another example did you always believe that romance is dead? Well, that’s because you had a bad experience whether it’s from your parents or family members or yourself. It is buried down deep that you think it’s the reality but it’s not true. It’s just the fear that is trying to protect you.

    Lesson 2

    Love Your-Self:

    To reach your goal and be able to get what you want, you have to love yourself.

    In this lesson she talks about affirmations and how powerful they can be to change your perspective about yourself. 

    -Unfortunately, affirmations only work when you already believe in it not based on what you hope to happen from it.

    Lessons 3

    Don’t Let Other People Dedicate Your Actions:

    As we grow up we tend to do less of what we truly want and more of what is expected from us whether it’s from a family members to a job you have. 

    But the truth is nobody knows you more than you, and you will not reach your goals or become a badass unless you start to love yourself and decide your actions.

    On the final note, Jen says figure out what you want but, don’t obsess how you will get there, just do it.

    Must read self developement books

    Best Of Self Help Books Of The All-Time #3 Year Of Yes By Ronda Shonda

    Do you wish to get out of your comfort zone?

    Do you wish to not miss any opportunities?

    Do you wish to be more open-minded and experience more?

    Here are 3 main lessons from Year Of Yes

    Lesson 1

    Honor Your Friends

    Accept that sometimes you need someone to push you.

    Everyone has their own limits/lines and we might miss great opportunities just because of those limits, but having a true friend that is willing to push you will help you grow in so many ways and just sometimes you need to say yes for things that might seem painful at the moment but later it’s very rewarding.

    Lesson 2

    Say Yes to Anything Comes Your Way

    Say yes to anything comes your way. For yourself development you need to get out of your comfort zone. You also need to do a few things and ask these questions before you jump all in:

    Set a time for which you will say yes to anything comes your way then you want to ask yourself: What kind of passion had emerged?

     Are things are bad as you thought they were?

     How can you shift your mindset the next time some new experience is on the way?

    Lesson 3

    Accept Complaints

     It’s okay to not be humble sometimes. Take the compliant and wear it for the day, don’t show off about it but you got to own it, you deserve it for a reason.

    All You Gotta Do Is To Say Yes


    Best self help books

    Best Of Self Help Books Of The All-Time #4 Girl Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis

    Find your true self, discover who you are, and don’t believe any lies about who you are.

    Thought the book has some bad reviews but it has 4 main lessons any woman would benefit from 

    Here are 4 lessons from Girl Wash Your Face 


    Lesson 1 

    Confront Your Lies

    You will never be happy one day, you will not “grow up” one day, things will never get better one day. You own your life, if you are not happy right now you will not be happy one day, everything starts from this moment that you have.

    Lesson 2 

    Show Up For Youself

     Do you find yourself excited to start a new routine only to find yourself leave it all together next week? You are not alone. Hollies gave so many examples of not owning her promises and not sticking with habits.

    Creating new habits are tricky and need more commitment to show up for yourself. Don’t set high expectations for yourself, start with small goals instead.

    Lesson 3 

    You Are Good Enough 

    Being a workaholic is something women struggle with. But, being a workaholic will not get you productive nor will make you more money or happy. 

    Being stress-free and know you are good enough will make you feel good enough about yourself.

    Lesson 4 

    Don’t Judge 

    We all at some point have pointed a finger at someone for something they did or have, being judgmental comes from lack of self-love, self-confidence.

    You should only compete with yourself and resist the urge to judge others.

    Obviously there are more to add to the list for the best self-help books.

    This is Day 1 of 5 Days Self Improvement Challenge.

    Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.

    Tell me in the comments if there are more self-help books you want to know about.



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    Best Self Help books of all time
    Self-Improvement Challenge

    Free Ebook: 

    Do you struggle with your personal development journey?

    I know it’s not easy

    Which is why this 10 days challenge is for you  

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