Self Development Podcasts and Why You Need to Listen to Them

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One thing about self development is that you can almost learn about it from so many resources whether that’s from books, talk shows, online webinars, or even self development Podcasts.

The power of listening to the best self development podcasts is not only that it will change your life but you’ll also find a mentor for life.

This is Day 3 of the 5 Days Self Improvement Challenge.

Best Self Development Podcasts Updated For 2021

I’ll talk about the best self development podcasts that will change your life, I know it’s a big statement but so has millions of people who are stating the same thing.

Why You Need To Listen To self development Podcasts?

Other than the two reasons I just mentioned, there is more than you think.

Listening to podcasts is a great source to learn valuable information and in this case, we talk about life changing podcasts.

Another reason why you should listen to podcasts is that they make your brain active in a good way and change your perspective.

If you need a list of why you should listen to self development podcasts, here it is:

  • Add value to your life.
  • Develope and improve your awareness.
  • It’s free.
  • You can listen on the go.
  • They’re short aroud 20-45 each.
  • You can listen to podcasts offline.
  • It’s a good habit to develope.

What Apps Can You Listen To Podcasts On?

You can access any podcasts and even the ones on this list directly from each podcaster’s website.

They also include links to other apps that you can listen to, one podcaster even gives the option to download it on your phone or desktop!

Apps To Use To Listen To Podcasts

  • Spotify.
  • Direct website.
  • Apple podcast.
  • Itunes.
  • Google podcast.
  • Stitcher.

Do Self Help Podcasts Work?

Like anything in life, nothing works unless you put in the work.

It’s like asking will I be a good cook if I watch food shows and recipes?

For self development podcasts to work for you, just like wanting to be a chef you need to learn and watch and then get in the kitchen and make all the mess you want until you come up with the perfect dish.

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What Podcast Should I Listen To For Self Improvement?

If you search for the best personal development podcasts or life changing podcasts, google will give you 100 podcast carousels to choose from rating from top listened to, to least podcasts listened to.

But seriously nobody has got the time to check each one but rule of thumb the first 5 are mostly the best ones.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered as I share the best self development podcasts for 2021.

Best Life Changing Self Development Podcasts

Alright, here is the fun part, instead of overwhelming you with a list of life changing podcasts and trying to figure which one is best for you, I only mention my personal favorite podcasts that changed helped me with my personal growth and their favorite episodes that I know you’re going to love.


1- Design Your Dream Life Podcast By Natalie Bacon 

Obviously, this one is my top self improvement podcast, not because Natalie is my personal life coach but she is a certified life coach and recently took deep diving training on how you can use your brain to change your life.

Her Design your dream life podcast shares tons of topics for women from how to design your dream life to how to have a peaceful pregnancy for moms!

Each podcast is no more than 45 minutes!

Best of self development Episodes From Desigin Your Dream Life Podcast

  • 21 Mindset hacks
  • How to design your dream life from your future
  • Goals episodes
  • How successful people think
  • Decision making
  • Disagreeing with family

Check Natalie’s website to get a podcast directory of her favorite podcasts on each topic, such as mindset, confidence, money, and goals.

Design your dream life podcast

2- Happier Podcast By Gretchen Rubin 

When you search for self improvement podcasts the happier podcast is the number one on the list and it’s there for a good reason.

A podcast runs by a happiness and habits expert.

That’s not what makes the podcast special, what makes Happier podcast special is that they share quick happiness hacks that can be used in your daily life, and not only that but with each episode, they answer fan questions and sometimes take advice from their own listeners.

Why? So you know it works and to spark inspiration inside of you.

Best self development episodes from happier podcast

  • Use the “Checklist for Habit Change,”
  • A Very Special Episode on a Major Happiness Stumbling Block–Are You Lonely?.
  • Do Something for Your Future Self.

Check happier podcast

3- The Life Coach School Podcast By Brooke Castillo 

Don’t let the name fool you. Yes, there are podcast episodes for coaches but it doesn’t compare to the content she has, ranging from making you feel like a badass and to overcoming strong feelings you already go through.

I must warn you though that once you get in the loop of listening you’ll never stop.

If you wonder what kind of podcast is it, it’s all about self help and personal development. She covers every self improvement topic you can think of, money, relationships, career, and you guessed it stop self negative talk.

The school to this day has produced more than 350 podcast episodes!

Best self development episodes from The Life Coach School Podcast

  • When feelings hurt.
  • Knowing what you want is scary.
  • Do hard things.
  • Overcoming obstacles.
  • Thoughts on the woo.

 Check the life coach school Podcast

I can just end the post here and you’re good to go but I have couple more podcasts to share that are will give the same quality but with a different perspective.

This post contains affiliate links, I only get a commission from qualified purchases which comes at no extra cost to you.

4- 10% Happier Podcast By Dan Harris

Ten percent happier is a self development podcast that shares deep stories and meanings which is the deep core of is the self improvement topic.

Each episode is designed to make you think and use different parts of your brain, so listening passively is not an option here.

Also, the podcast shares different meditation approaches that are not boring for skeptical people

Make sure to check his book if you are still skeptical about meditation.

Best self development episodes from 10% Happier Podcast

  • High fiving the inner critic
  • This will make you stronger
  • Rethinking your relationship to “stuff”

 Check 10% Happier Podcast

5- The Lavendaire Lifestyle podcast By Allien Xu

Okay, I may said that I learned everything from Natalie but I only learned about her when I started to expand but as a beginner, I found Aileen’s podcast was such a huge help for my own growth.

She covered almost any topic you can think of such as self-love, personal development, self-discipline, productivity, and much more.

Unfortunately, she stopped releasing new episodes on her podcast, but older episodes still have their quality.

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Best self improvement episodes from The Lavendaire podcast

  • How to Take Ownership for Your Life
  • Good morning, good life. Morning routine.
  • Create your own calm.

Check the lavendiare podcast

*This is Day 3 from the 5 Days Self Improvement Challenge.


In an ideal world, everything seems to be under your fingertips but in the real world, there is room to always improve yourself and strive to be better, because there is so much you can learn by just listening. So make sure to incorporate self development podcasts in your daily life from working out to doing laundry.

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Are there any podcasts you have listened to lately? Please do share them in the comments below.

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