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DO THIS to change your mindset to be happy

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Here is a truth bomb for you. When you get diagnosed with (Enter any diagnosis here) don’t you make a few changes such as stop drinking, stop smoking, and run a healthy lifestyle? 

What changed? 

Your mindset.

Being happy is relative! If you want to change your mindset to be happy, you need to shift into someone who just decides to be happy.

It’s simple yet not easy. 

So in this post, I’m going to show you the one thing that could be stopping you from being happy and how to change your mindset to someone who is not only happy but have a clear picture of what that is.

Yes, it’s possible.

But first, let’s identify what happiness is, and are you really unhappy?

How to change your mindset to be happy

Is happiness a mindset?

First, you have to identify what happiness really is for you? Maybe it means you want to quit your job and start a family.

Or maybe you want to travel the world? Whatever that is you want that’s what happiness means for you.

Are you really unhappy?

Happiness is relative. What could mean the world to you can totally mean something different to someone else. 

This means that happiness is totally a mindset shift, once you achieve the goal of whatever that happiness looks like to you, you then become (enter your driving emotion)

But it’s not that easy or everyone would be satisfied. 

It’s you, not them

So if all you feeling right now is unhappy and that this is who you’re then I hate to break it to you, you created that. 

I know you might be thinking but my marriage is failing, my spouse is losing his job, and I can’t afford my bills anymore.

Whatever the reason for your unhappiness, you created that. 


This is what the next section of this post is all about from how your brain works to the life model which will definitely change how you think about life. 

How does the mind work

Your feelings come from your thoughts and your thoughts create the results in your life, whatever you’re thinking will show up in your life in one way or another whether it’s bad or good. 

So how does it exactly work? 

It’s all about your attention and your RAS (Reticular activating system) it’s like a filter in your brain and accepts only what you focus on and neglect other things just to avoid over-flooding the brain with information. 

So if all you focus on is how unhappy you’re all the time guess what? Your brain will find evidence to prove that to you. 

How to shift your mindset?

Now you know how your brain works it’s important to know how to change your mindset to be happy and to find the positive instead of the negative. 

Let’s look at how you show up in this world. 

How to change your mindset

The life model 

  • Thought.
  • Feeling.
  • Action:
  • Results: 

Say you had an argument with your coworker and they said you’re too negative to be around, your brain will immediately think there is something wrong with you but if we go through the model above it’s gonna look like this: 

  • Circtuments (The facts): Coworker said “You’re too negative to be around”
  • Thought: This isn’t fair (You can have multiple thoughts)
  • Feeling: Upset 
  • Action: Say to myself something is definitely wrong with me, avoid my coworker (All the actions you do when you think this thought)
  • Result: I show up as a negative person. 

So when we report what happened in the model it makes you believe that you can absolutely shift your mindset, but we will go through that later. 

It’s only important now that you know how you create your results in your life by the model I just showed you. 

Think of a challenge that recently happened to you and put it through the model and your mind will be blown!

How to change your mindset to be happy

Look at your thoughts

First, to change and shift your mindset to be happy and focus on the positive in life you have to look at your thoughts cause that’s how you operate in life from the way you see yourself to the life you have now. 

Do you have a bad job? Look at your thoughts

Do you have a failed marriage? Look at your thoughts

Believe you’re a miserable person? Look at your thoughts

It’s easy to believe that’s who you are and there is nothing that can be done but if you put everything in perspective and realize it’s all coming from your thoughts then you have the power to shift your mindset. 

What is your emotion?

The second part of the model is to look at your emotion, what are you feeling when you observe your thoughts? Irritated, angry, maybe frustrated?

And emotion is just a vibration in your body, you feel something.

So in case of irritation you might feel your chest tighten, blood rush to your temples, it’s all vibration. 

Whatever the emotion or vibration in your body is it’s gonna always lead you to some action.mi

What are you doing?

Your emotions drive your action, so when you feel angry, the first thing you want to do is throw something, yell at the person, or blame someone, you name it. 

So the action you take right now is 100% coming from the way you feel all the time and the action you take right now is what creates the results you have. 

How does your life look right now?

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Does your job suck? Do you always procrastinate on what you do? 

You created that result from the way you think to the way you feel and to the action you take.

Realizing that you’re responsible for what you create is both scary and powerful cause from there you’ll be able to think differently and change your mindset to be happy or whatever you want to feel. 

The one trick that will change your mindset to be happy 

Okay, so now you know how the life model work and you understand the principle, here is something that will blow your mind even more to change your mindset. 

Want to become a happy person? Become that person!

 How you might ask? 

This is what I’m going to explain in the next section of this post. 

Identity shift

Identity shift, self image shift, or whatever you call it, is coming from what you think about yourself.

Right now you’re thinking a thought or a statement about yourself:

  • I’m late.
  • I’m procrastinating.
  • I’m a lazy person.
  • I’m never going to be happy. 

These are not facts about you, they’re your thoughts about yourself and you can change that. 

What does that person think?

To change your identity or become a happier person you have to first change your thoughts about yourself as we talked about throughout the post. 

And the only way to change your thoughts is to think about what would the person who is happy is thinking? (Examples are later on that post)

And journal on that and I say journal cause it’s gonna stick to your brain instead of just cluttering your mind with more information. 

More resources:

How does this person feel?

The second step of the identity shift is to think of what does this person feel? 

A happy person is feeling happy, joy, or excited? We know that the feeling is coming from the thoughts so don’t ignore that first step. 

What does this person do?

The last step is to figure out what this happy person is doing and do the same. 

If this sounds so foreign to you don’t worry in the upcoming example it’s gonna make sense. 

Mindset example of how to be happy 

A happy woman is thinking:

  • I’m doing my best.
  • I know I can trust myself. 
  • I’m an amazing wife, fill in the blank —– 
  • I get to decide whatever I want.

A happy woman is feeling:

  • Excited. 
  • Confident. 
  • Joy. 
  • Contentment. 

Her action:

  • Wake up when the alarm goes off. 
  • Get ready every single day. 
  • Exercises 3 times a week.
  • Follow up with her plans. 
  • Keeps her promises. 

That’s the trick to shifting and changing your mindset to be happy. Doing this work will not only shift your mindset but also changes your life. 

With that being said it means you gonna have to start showing up and doing things differently. 

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9 Small habits that will change your mindset to happy

Here are 9 healthy mindset habits that can shift your thinking

  1. Start mindfulness

Mindfulness is doing the work on yourself by doing the life model I shared with you in this post. It also means to be present and focused on what you want. 

how to shift your mindset to be happy
  1. Do being list 

Every morning or at night make a list of the person you want to become by the life model example. 

What is she thinking?

What is she feeling?

What does she do?

Write down in “I am” statement

  1. Get coached 

Last year I decided to get coached on mindset and it totally changed my life from becoming someone totally different to changing my career. 

Finding a coach can seem like a big step for you but you can always keep the idea of getting a coach. 

  1. Coach yourself

Another type of coaching is to coach yourself, read books, listen to podcasts, and journal. This sounds obvious but coaching yourself is also doing the thought work. 

Other resources: 

  1. Input vs output 

If you always listen to the news which we know is 99% negative it’s gonna fill up your mind with fear.

So for every 1 negative input add 1 positive input such as listening to motivational talk or podcast. 

Output means to put what you input your mind with into action.

Say that you listen to motivational podcasts all the time this is consuming and it’s good but it doesn’t create different results. 

One thing you can do is to write out some notes, and take action as instructed in what you listened to. 

  1. Set goals 

My favorite topic! Your brain is always looking for the next thing and setting goals is one way to keep your mind focused. 

You can set goals in any area of your life. Think of what you want in the next 3 to 5 years and start from there.

More resources on how to set goals:

  1. Take it slow 

No need to do everything at once, I know I shared a lot with you in this post and it could be overwhelming to you but you don’t have to do all of this. 

You can just observe the thoughts you have and decide that you want to just do that for a while, that’s totally normal. 

I struggle to wake up in the morning sometimes and I totally know what I need to do but I decided to slow down and observe it.

  1. Get outside your comfort zone

I’m not talking about anything crazy here, comfort zone means different things to everyone. 

Pushing yourself to do something different every day will expand your mind to think differently.

  • Take a different route to your home. 
  • Set at a park doing nothing. 
  • Wear a shirt that you have always wanted to wear but have been afraid to.
  • Say hello to a stranger. 

The list can go on and on, this will boost your confidence and change the way you think about yourself. 

  1. Do the work 

What I mean by that is don’t keep reading and reading post after post and still complain, you have to push yourself to just take a small action. 

Doing only one thing will push you to do more and will keep the energy flowing. 

Think of when you always want to clean your room once you start it’s like you want to clean the whole house. 

Changing your mindset to be happy
  1. Invest in yourself  

Investing in yourself I already talked about it in a different post but what I want you to take away from this post is if something you know is gonna push you and help you to shift your mindset then do it. 

That is if you know being around people who you want to be like then start to invest in courses that interest you and you’ll find people that are creating goals for themselves. 

My life coach wouldn’t have been a life coach if it weren’t for the fact that she invested to attend a conference and made her quit her work which led her to build an online business and become a coach. 

How amazing is that!

So don’t hold yourself back and think of ways where you can invest in yourself to grow. 


Changing your mindset to be happy and satisfied in life is a choice, only you can decide if you want to continue dwelling on the past or be a victim of your environment.

 Now what did you gain from this post and how are you going to apply this in your life? Leave a comment or better yet journal on it. 

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