16 Lazy Ways to Get Yourself Motivated (Motivation Hacks)

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    Let’s face it. Everything in life requires you to get yourself motivated, be it from working on a project to waking up in the morning.

    It’s a real struggle but if you are looking to get motivated you have to first ask yourself what causes a lack of motivation?

    What Causes Lack Of Motivation?

    Have you ever got excited about a new project or something you trying to work on but then suddenly you found yourself lazy and you just don’t feel like it?

    Well, this falls under having no purpose, in other words, no real reason for starting what you trying to achieve.

    Let’s just say that you started working out and the reason why you started working out is that because you want to “lose weight” this reason itself is not enough to get you motivated.

    How Can You Fix Lack Of Motivation?

    Instead, you want to approach it this way:

    First list out several reasons you can think of when setting out a new goal.

    In this example working out.

    1- You choose to workout because this is what makes you appreciate your body more.

    2- The endorphin you get after the hard session

    3- You choose to workout for now until you find something much better that will work out just for you.

    Keep trying with each option you choose to do until you don’t feel like it’s a chore.

    Here are 16 lazy ways to get motivated When You Don’t Feel Like it

    1- Have a Goal

    This might sound obvious but if you have no motivation at all in life, you might want to check if you have a goal that you want to achieve. This aligns with having a purpose.

    When we set out goals, we don’t look for the achievement we look for what we feel when this achievement happens, and motivation itself is a “feeling”.

    So, when setting out a goal you want to think of how the end result will make you feel once it’s achieved, having the feeling of the results will create the feeling of motivation.

    2- Set Reminders of Your Results

    Picturing the results is one of the best ways you can do today to get you motivated.

    Simply start to visualizing what’s the outcome of your goal, having the body you always wanted? Being able to wear clothes confidently?

    Whatever your goal is visualize it well.

    Your brain can’t tell whether this kind of visualization is real or not, which will create the feeling to get yourself motivated.

    Just make sure to do this every night to keep you motivated.

    *If you have no idea what visualization means or how to do it click here, otherwise continue reading

    3- Get A Friend

    Having the right kind of friends is what you and I and everyone need.

    It’s always fun to have someone who is trying to push and best yet motivate you when you are about to give up.

    Ask a friend to workout with you if that’s your goal, it can be fun if you are trying to get yourself motivated.

    Or, if your goal to get a task done ask your friend if they can help you with it.

    4- Join a Community

    If the task/activity on your hands can be done within a community then it’s best to search and join one.

    Don’t underestimate the power of teamwork.

    It can get you motivated when you don’t feel motivated at all.

    4- Get Over The Excuses

    I can’t do it right now.

    I have to be up early.

    My arms are tired.

    These are some of the excuses that your brain will come up with as you try to do something that requires extra effort.

    Don’t fall into the trap of this loop of excuses because 9 out of 10 they are not true.

    Instead, try to not get your brain into this loop by noticing your thoughts of doing a certain task or activity, and before you go into the loop of excuses get up and do it, doesn’t matter what you will do or how you will do it.

    Don’t attempt to ask yourself, “But I don’t know how to start because the whole point is to break the loop of excuses in your brain and the best way to get motivated is to just do it.

    5- Listen to a podcast

    I bet you didn’t think of this before.

    Now, this depends on which type of podcast you listen to but your best bet is to listen to motivational podcasts.

    Not only podcasts can be a huge source of motivation but they can be the one thing you need.

    6- Mind Mapping

    Mind mapping is to pour out all your thoughts in front of you, whether that’s in a notebook or on a digital screen.

    So to get motivated you need to understand first why you lack motivation and mind mapping is one of them.

    Simply on your notebook center your main problem and after that circle around it with a subheading (like the example below)

    When you write down your “problems” it gets the ideas flowing right to your brain, this can be your solution to get yourself motivated.

    7- Track Your Goals

    So often we lose motivation because there is nothing to measure our success with.

    Think of it this way, if you are trying to lose weight and you hit to a certain point where you don’t want anymore, tracking at this point is essential, you get to see how far you have come and it will get you motivated to start working again on your goal.

    Make tracking part of your life by taking photos (if you are trying to lose weight), on a journal, or a planner.

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    8- Talk To Yourself

    You will be surprised by how this one can work out for you.

    When you talk to yourself there is no need to hide the truth, be honest with yourself, ask yourself why I am not motivated and come up with 100 reasons why you lack motivation?

    By doing so you try to get to the core problem and once you identify your core problem of why you lack motivation, it’s time to come up with a plan and don’t worry ideas will come to you once you figured your lack of motivation.

    9- Reward Yourself

    When you are in a state of boredom, your mind will seek entertainment right away, and you will get less motivated to work on a certain task.

    Tell yourself you can’t do that unless I do this.

    It’s like this little motivation that you need to get you started but be disciplined about it and you will get motivated in no time.

    10- Coach Yourself

    This tip is from my favorite content creator Michelle and it sounds like just what the title says, yell at yourself to get up from the couch, get dressed, take the dog out.

    Tell yourself the next action you want to take to get closer to the task you want to do, engage with your mind so it has no room to feel unmotivated.


    If you want to start writing assignment first, tell yourself get up and go to your desk, then once you are on your desk say take the paper out (if it’s a handwritten assignment) and then tell yourself okay start writing, eventually this should get the momentum going to keep pushing yourself to get yourself motivated when you don’t feel like it.

    11- 5 Second Rule

    You might have heard of the 5-second rule by Mel Robbin before and it’s to count from 5-1 and immediately take an action, the rule is that when you get to do something is to physically move within the 5 seconds so your brain won’t get a chance to question what you are about to do.

    12- Watch Content On YouTube

    You might be wondering how is it, doing something as watching youtube videos will get you motivated?

    Well based on human philosophy “we like to watch people doing something that we can’t currently do in hope it will get us motivated”

    Have you ever seen a video titles “study with me” “clean with me” or “workout with me”

    They are meant to motivate you. So, when you are looking for some motivation, make sure to find a relevant video that will get you motivated to start doing.

    13- Your Choice

    Turn your I can’t into I won’t. When you run into self conversation about doing a certain task, know that it’s your choice to tell yourself that I won’t do this.

    So when you are about to do a certain task and you tell yourself I can’t try to turn it into no, I choose that I won’t do it.

    It will give your brain some sense of responsibility and force to go through of why you can’t do that and you might reach the core problem of why you lack motivation.

    14- Quotes

    I do believe in power of quotes and you should too.

    They put things into perspective or giving a moral statments of stories but anyway they can be amazing source of getting yourself motiviated.

    You can read 22 motivational quotes here.

    Or, if you would like free printable quotes you can find it here.

    15- Get a Mentor

    If all else fails and you feel that no matter what you do and you still feel unmotivated then your best option is to get a mentor.

    Not only a mentor can help you to become successful but they can have a huge impact on your life and can get you motivated.

    16- Join A challenge

    If you like challenges then this one is for you.

    Join a challenge where it will make you grow mentally and change your perspectives about so many things, the kind of challenge that will make you motivated for a whole month.

    I have the right kind of challenge that will hopefully be able to go beyond just self motivation.

    30 Day Self Improvement Challenge

    1- Best recommend self help books and why should you start reading self help books

    2- The importance of making podcasts part of your daily routine and the only podcasts you need to listen to

    3- Self care and why is it beyond what you already know about self care “hence” it’s not a bubble bath kinda routine

    4- The importance of TED talks to your advantage when you try to self improve.

    And much more, this ebook will be a game changer for you and it doesn’t require you to be available 24/7.

    Click here to learn more about this challenge.

    You Can Be Motivated Today

    By the end of the day, it’s your choice to get yourself motivated. I hope this post can inspire you and motivate you to start doing today.

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