How To Improve Your Mood in No Time

In the instant world, everybody wants quick fixes whether it’s to get fit or to learn a skill. While there is nothing wrong with that, but your aim should be with long term fixes instead of easy ones.
It’s so easy to feel low with what’s happening around the world, but don’t let social media affect you. But it’s not ideal to ignore the news once and for all instead learn to find a way out of this negativity.

I have created a list of 45 ideas to boost your mood

1-Eat Breakfast

Having breakfast in the morning helps you feel energized throughout the day and it’s linked that it does improve your mood in the morning.

So don’t skip on breakfast.

2-Sit Inside A Balcony

The best thing you can do when you have a bad mood is to just sit inside the balcony and smelling the fresh air will guarantee you to feel 10x better.

If you don’t have a balcony window or, out the door will work the same.


Your best option is to just sit and start to write what’s bothering you and how you can feel better? Putting your thoughts on a paper make your thoughts in a perfect sense. 

You can use the 5-minute journal that is simply organized with everything all you just need is your pen and your thoughts.


You will be surprised by how planting can help improve your mood. caring for or planting plants helps with oxygen and the more oxygen around you the better you will feel. 

I personally like to chill on balcony and just seeing them grows helps with my mood.

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5-Clean Space

When you start to feel low just set 10 minutes a day to clean and clutter the space around you. Having cluttered place makes your brain feel more calm. 

6-Get Ready Everyday

If you work from home never ever stay all day with your sleep wear, this will get you unmotivated and will make your mood goes around.

Instead you should start your day and get dressed just you would would if you work outside.

7-Listen To Violin Music

Music has been proven many times that it helps to improve your mood. But, some people’s favorite music are mainly sad songs, so that won’t help.

Violin on the other hand has been proven to be a mood booster and sometimes it is played to calm people in mental health institution.

Villon music to improve mood
Photo by Jixiao Huang on Unsplash

8-Long Walk

Fresh air and physically moving your body is another good way to boost your mood. Go out there when you can if you feel a bit low.

9-Cook Your Favorite Meal

Doing the things you enjoy doing might be the only thing you need to improve your mood.

10-Sit In The Sunshine

Beside from getting a vitamin D, getting some sun for 7 minutes can help improve your mood instantly. just make sure you put SPF!

11-Watch TV Show

Sometimes the best option is to watch your favorite show, as this can help distract you from feeling your low emotions over and over again. 

12-Eat Dark Chocolate

You probably know that chocolate helps to improve your mood, so try to eat some. Just don’t eat too much.

13-Drink Coffee (ish)

If you are a coffee lover as I am then this one is for you. But, if not you can have any of your favorite drinks. Caffeine doesn’t just give you the clearance and focus to go about your day, it has also been proven just drinking one cup of coffee per day (75Mg) can help improve the mood of the consumer. 

14-Call Your Favorite People

Don’t underestimate the power of talking about what makes you feel this way. This can help you to look at things from a different perspective and it might make you feel a bit better about yourself.

So whenever you find yourself having low mood throughout the day just pick up the phone and talk.

15-Sniff Lemon

This one is weird when i read about it but, sniffing a lemon is scientifically  proven to help with low mood feeling. The citrus smell goes directly to the nerve system. It also can help reduce stress.

If you are not a fan of lemon smell you can use essential oil.

Here some essential oil that will helps boost your mood.

Lavender Oil 

Rosemary Oil 

Lemon Grass Oil 


Who wants to exercise when they just don’t want to do anything? But moving your body and getting that adrenaline up releases hormones to calm down your mind. 

Getting started is the hard part but, doing it will make you feel 10x times better, even if it’s just 5 minutes.

17-Get Up Side Down

If you do yoga this one might come easy to you. But, if you don’t no worries. Just lay on the couch and let your head hang on the edge of the couch. Letting the blood flow to your head can improve your mood in less than 2 minutes (NO MORE THAN 3 MINUTES).

18-Take A Cold Shower

This might not work for everyone but, if you want a quick solution this one is for you.

Taking cold showers for only 1 minute rush blood to your whole nervous system, therefore it will boost your mood.
You can also put your head under cold water.

19-Look Up Old Photos

Walking down to memory lane and seeing your best memories and your loved ones can help to improve your mood.

20-Cook For Yourself

There is always something for everyone. Try to cook your favorite meal and enjoy making  the process, it can take off your mind with whatever you might be feeling. You don’t have to cook anything fancy though, but you can if you would like.

21-Jump Up And Down

It might sound crazy, but whenever you experience a bad mood think of anything that can rush your blood everywhere and this includes jumping. Just jump up and down a few times.

22-Massage Your Calves

You might be wondering how this can help you to boost your mood but, massaging your calves helps to improve your systematic circulation therefore, it can calm your nervous system.

You don’t have to use your hands, you can use this roller stick instead.

23-Eat Mixed Nuts

Nuts or seeds contain amino acid that assists your brain to create more serotonin, which helps en-chases and stabilize your mood.


Let your creativity out. You don’t have to draw if you don’t want to, just drawing anything you feel like can bring all the negative emotions you might be feeling out.

Or if you can’t get creative you can use doodles already made all you need is to just color and it will work just as well.

25-Feel It

If all else fail and you still don’t feel your mood is boosting your only option to just let yourself feel your emotions and then let it go.

Remember, it’s only a bad day and tomorrow is a new day. 

Do you have other ways that can help with improving your mood? 


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