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A Lot of us at home currently and it’s hard to be productive and motivated to do anything, especially if you used to go out every day or you work in a company or wherever your work might be. It’s a struggle but it doesn’t have to be hard everyone can be productive only if they have the right mindset and know what to do.

Here are few ways to get productive and stop procrastination

Morning routine


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You are more productive when you set up a routine for yourself, maybe you like to start your morning with cup of coffee or you like to meditate or, you like to spend 1 hour in the bathroom, whatever your morning might be, just start with creating morning routine for YOU. It ultimately set your mood for the day and you are ready to finish what you have to do!

Don’t snooze


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How many times you set the alarm and then you snooze it when it ticks off,? I know I have! But you are completely putting off whatever you have to do today, it’s also another way of saying I don’t wanna do what I have to today.
So, put your alarm away from you and make sure to put your noisy music for the alarm (that you would throw it) If your alarm is away from you and you have to get out of bed you will be less likely to go back to sleep again.

To-DO List


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I know how intimidated it is to make a TO DO LIST! but it doesn’t have to be a long list, set only 5 important things on the list.

You won’t feel overwhelmed when you have 5 things to do as opposed to 20 things (you can add more but make sure not to list more than 10)

Wake up and do your morning routine and list down everything you have to get it done by today, whether it’s on digital notes or, notebooks (or sticky notes even better). That way you can just work on what’s on your list. Make sure not to put off your to do list later in the morning as you will more likely to procrastinate.

Set 10 minutes a day


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This by far the best one of them all. When you feel overwhelmed by a certain task set 10 minutes and focus on one part of the task and before you know it, you will be doing another 10 minutes.

When you have to work on a certain assignment, and you think of it as a whole you will not do it (unless you have a deadline) but, when you focus on one part of the assignment and set time for it you give your mind the clarity to do more.

There you have it, being productive is in small daily actions.

If you have more ways to get productive share them below.

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  • What’s your morning routine like?
  • Keep your hands off the alarm
  • To do list
  • Set 10 minutes a day to keep the procrastination away


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