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Meaningful Goals and How to Set Them in Life Without Feeling Overwhelmed

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How do you set a meaningful life goal?

Here is what to do

Have you ever asked yourself what can you do to set a meaningful goals? 

Or you might be wondering what is a meaningful goal anyway?

When I searched on google I couldn’t find the proper answer but here is my definition 

The answer will vary from person to person but basically, a meaningful goal is to have a goal that aligns with your intention for where you’re in life.

In short, it’s the types of goals that will add more value and experiences in your life.

So from here, we can understand how to set meaningful goals in life.

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Just 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Identify Your Goals

Don’t go with the crowd just because more people set such goals, you need to do the same.

This defeats the purpose of having a meaningful goals.

First find where you’re lacking in life, is it your financial life? Your personal life? Career, ect.

Only after that you can go ahead and start with second step.

Here is an example of a meaningful goal:

I care about my mental health a lot so a meaningful goals for me would be:

  • Reading self help books
  • Meditate 
  • Walk in nature 
  • Do yoga

Again this should be based on what you value the most.

Step 2: The Reason Why

Like anything in life you dont want to do anything for just the sake of it.

For goals this shouldn’t be an expectation.

After you identify your goals, try to ask yourself this question: Why do I want XYZ?

And here is a fun way to get the most out of this question.

After you come up with an answer keep asking yourself why after each answer until you can no longer come up with one, usually the last answer is the real reason behind this goal you choosed.

Here is an example to explain this further:

(I’ll go with my example of mental health choosing meditation)

Why do I want to meditidate?

 Because I want to feel more peace? Why? 

Because feeling peace is priceless? Why?

Because if I can’t be in peace inside of me, I can’t be in peace with the others.

There! That’s the real reason behind choosing to meditate and it’s to a bond relationship with myself and others.

This is crucial and will help you when you have a setback.

Now let’s talk about the next question, which is

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What should my goals be?

Your goals should be SMART goals which you can find more about it here but in short, it means to have specific goals that you can accomplish and this is different for everyone.

There are different questions to consider when you set goals in life.

What do I value most?

Do you value family, relationships, friends, freedom? 

All these things will determine how you list goals for yourself.

What Do I want to accomplish in 5-10 years?

You might don’t have the answer for yourself yet but, you can always change your answer later.

Based on the first 2 questions, ask this?

What my goals should be?

Now answering this question can come up easily but if it doesnt, dont rush it.

Here are 100 life goals ideas to consider: 

Personal Goals 

  • Travel twice per year
  • Work on self improvement 
  •  Develop my existing skills
  • Read 2 books in a month 
  • learn new skills 

Relationship Goals 

  •  Have a fulfilling relationship
  • Go on date once per week
  • Share one activity together 
  • Travel to different countries with partner 
  • Go to a couple therapist every 6 month 

Career Goals 

  • Up level my work experience 
  • Work on different skill
  • Plan my tasks one week a head
  • Determine if I want to work from home or in office 
  • Improve my relationship with coworkers 
  • Work on mindset around work enerviorment 

Family Goals

  • Have a dinner once per week
  • Go on road trip o celebrate per year 
  • Plan on activity with family once a month 
  • Call regularly for check ups 
  • Avoid arguments as soon as they arrive 

Health Goals 

  • Reduce meat intake 3 times per week 
  • Do meal prep once a week
  • Go on a restaurant every 2 weeks 
  • Find a suitable workout 
  • Plan my workouts in advance 

For the rest of the list of 100 life goals ideas check em here.

See what I did there? That’s a SMART goals 

Let’s move on to the last question which is what you’re here for.

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How do you make a goal list? 

This is the step that will guarantee you accomplishing your goals, along with other factors such as focus and self discipline.

So how do you make a goal list? 

Now you know what should your goals be, this step is easier. 

There are 3 ways to make a goal list for yourself 

*Disclaimer this post contains affiliate links, which means I get commissions if you decided to purchase through my links, read the full disclosure here.)

1- The old way

You only need a pen and paper but I highly recommend getting goal setting planners such as this one or this one

Divide your goals by categories

  • Relationship 
  • Careers
  • Financial 
  • Personal development 
  • Family 

Then add your goals under each category where it fits the most.

Examples of a goal list: 

  • Personal development 
  • Reading a book once a month
  • Traveling twice a year
  • Develop new skills 

You would list all your goals in the same way for each category. 

You don’t need to do for each category if it’s not in your interest.

2- The modern way

A other way to make a goal list is by notion

If you don’t know what notion is, it’s a platform where you can put everything from scheduling to tracking your financial habits. 

I like to use it for goal list. 

First you make a table

Then add your category across the table

List your goals under each category 

And you’re done.

How to make a goal list using notion
If I wrote all my goals it would take 2 pages.

I’m sure you’re aware there are about 1M goal setting planners out there claiming to accomplish your goals. 

While there is nothing wrong with them, each planner will help you in a different way.

I wrote a post on different types of goal planner for every goal.

But to keep this short here are, what you should be looking for to make a goal list.

If your goal is to improve your financial situation then getting a financial planner will help you tremendously as well as a budget planner.

2- Career Planner 

Same as a financial planner but it focuses on career goals if that is one of your goals.

Check this one out.

3- Life planner

This what it sounds like, while it may be generic but you’ll be able to set different goals in your life.

Here is one life planner that I use.


It might sound easier the idea to set goals for yourself but the things that come along with it will determine your success.

Now that you know what your goals should be, it’s time to check 20 tips to achieve your goals.


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