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How to Improve Your Self Awareness Like A Boss

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Increasing self awareness is truly life changing once you know how to do it correctly your life will start to shift.

This tool will not only help you to set goals or create new results in your life but it’ll help you to align your values with your goals and eliminate what’s not necessary.

which I’m going to share with you how to do it the right way.

But just so we are on the same page, first you need to know what self awareness is and what self awareness is not.

What is self awareness?

Self awareness means the skill of being able to look where you are to where you want to be. It’s the ability to identify the obstacle and challenges in your life, it’s a tool that helps you to improve yourself and your life.

In other words, it’s a lens that you can look with at yourself to see how you can move forward in your life.

What self awareness is not?

Self awareness is not a one a time thing and done with it, it’s a long term tool.

As long as you set goals in life and looking to improve every single day, this tool is a must to push you towards your goal.

How Does Self-Awareness Relate to goals?

Self awareness is the first step when setting goals, when you’re setting a path for yourself with a clear vision it’s important to become self aware so you can identify your strengths and your weakness to build better goals.

p.s if you want to know a fun way to set goals and achieve them read this post. 

increase your self awareness

benefits of self-awareness

Before you approach increasing your self awareness you want to know what you’ll gain from doing it.

There are a few that I can mention from an experience perspective but there are many benefits of self awareness that I may not be aware of, so you can do your own research on that.

What Are The Benefits Of Self Awareness?

  1. When doing life evaluation.
  2. Helps to achieve your goals 10x faster.
  3. You can overcome obstacles.
  4. Helps to manage emotions.
  5. Build up motivation.
  6. Gives more ideas to become successful in life.
  7. Corrects your bad habits.
  8. Shifts your mindset.
  9. Changes your life story.
  10. Boosts self confidence
  11. Builds better decision making.

I could go on and on about how beneficial self awareness is but this would take 4 more pages if not more, so we’ll just stick with this list.

How do you improve your self-awareness?

There are 2 ways to increase your self awareness one way is inner work and the other way is different activities. You can do both ways or stick to one but if you want to become the next level of your version I recommend doing both ways.

Thought work

I was introduced by thought work from the one and only Natalie Bacon when I joined her life coaching program and it has been life changing ever since.

Eessenitlay it is what it’s called you do “thought work” which is to write your thoughts down.

And no it’s not like journaling it’s more than journaling since you only write thoughts you have

Thought work examples

If your goal is to make more money your thoughts could be like this:

I don’t think that’s possible.

I don’t have enough time to double my money.

The job I have sucks.

These are all thoughts and not a fact, writing them down will not only going to get you to focus but will also make you question if these thoughts are true or not.

Hence* they’re not!

What can you do instead?

No matter which thought you write down ask yourself if it’s true and which thought could be better than the current one?

Following the money goal, better thoughts would be:

What if it’s possible that I can do it?

What if I can create more time to double my income?

My job can suck sometimes but I also have the choice to love it or hate it. 

Don’t you think that these thoughts tend to give you more ideas than the first ones? That’s cause you put your mind in a positive direction which will get you the answers.

writing on a notebook


Did you think Meditation will not make it to the list? Think again.

You may ask how meditation will help you improve your awareness. Still, in case you don’t know there are more techniques for meditating than just sitting and doing breathwork and if you’re true about changing your life then meditating is a must ( I am also talking to myself here).

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Which meditating is best to improve self awareness?

I have tried almost every technique and I can say that the best meditating technique is that to do thought writing before and after meditation, yup!

How does that help?

Have you ever been in a situation where you had certain thoughts about it and then something happen that made you change your thoughts about that thing completely? That’s what meditating does!

With every session, you’ll see how your thought pattern changes about whichever you decide to write about, cause your brain waves change with each session and you become more aware of your own thoughts.


When you were young and got stuck on some homework task, who you would look for to help you? Why is it any different when we’re adults and pretty much can do everything under the sun when we struggle we tend to curve like a ball under the bed and blame everyone?

This is where coaching can help you, ever since I applied for a life coaching program everything changed for me.

How coaching can help improving self awareness?

The coach is not you so it’s easy for them to pick up what you struggle with and what can be done.

They help you to see your brain and pinpoint the problem.

A life coach can help you make a big decision, making a decision has been a struggle for me and still is but I’m slowly getting better at it since I got a life coach.

There are few coaches on top of my head, like:

Improve your self awareness

Notice Emotions

One way to improve and increase self awareness is to pay attention to what you feeling and what triggers your emotions not only this will improve your self awareness but it will help you manage your behavior.

How to do it?

Whenever you go through a bad mood or an emotion you have been feeling lately, write it down and make a list of all the thoughts you think caused this emotion.

You’ll be surprised by how much awareness you gain that will cause less strain on your emotions.

After the first part of the post, you might have this upcoming question. 

Is Self Awareness Important?

The short answer is 100% yes!

Imagine doing all the right things in your life and looking for ways to have a fresh start but then you still keep failing? This is where self awareness comes in, it helps you to see all the dimensions of the box and builds a better picture from there.

Which it’s also why self awareness is related to building positive habits because you can see what works and what’s doesn’t.

The next part is about self awareness activities that help to improve that skill. 

You might ask which activities that will improve my self awareness?

Here are my top 5 activities to increase self awareness 

self awareness activities

1- Keep Journal

This is different than doing thought work, what you do is that you use journal prompts on specific life categories or you can even use them to work on your emotions.

You can check out this post that I wrote on keeping a journal and journal prompts.

2- Listen to podcasts

One of my favorite ways to increase self awareness is to listen to podcasts, not only does listening to new information improve awareness but it also helps to learn something and build up different skills.

Here are my favorite Self development podcasts that you must listen to.

3- Future self Letter

Have you seen the trend lately where they talk to their old self or new self and how far they have come? Well, there is proof that this works to increase self awareness.

Since you don’t get to act from your current crucimenenteces you expand your mind to new possibilities, write out a letter from your future self that says to your current self how everything worked out the way you wanted it to be.

Go in detail as much as you want.

4- Walk

Another self awareness activity and is easy enough to do daily is to walk. Walking in nature helps you to clear out your mind and helps to spark new ideas that will surprise you.

5- Do a challenge

This one is fun to do if you understand how it works. First, decide either of these two things:

1- No complaining for a week

2- No gossiping for a week

We do it every day unconsciously and when you try to challenge yourself to stop doing that you’ll notice that it’s hard to do it, which helps to improve your awareness of what’s really going on!

Final thoughts

The key to self awareness is not by doing everything and every single self awareness activity out there, no.

The real key is to choose what will help you gain control over your life and will push you toward your goals and like what a wise man said without knowing where you are you’ll have no idea where you want to be.

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