List of 58 Self Improvement Ideas That Are Practical

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how to do personal development?

Have you done your google search on list of self improvement ideas? Only to find so many ideas to choose from that overwhelms you?

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And the big fat question that remains is how can I improve myself?

But hey, take it easy.  Because nothing works unless you put in the work.

If you want to improve yourself you need to check how your day run, do you wake up in a hurry?

Or, you find yourself always pissed off at something and you keep playing it in your head over and over that you wake up the next day still feeling pissed?

Am I reading your mind right now? Well, that’s because that’s what we all do, thanks to our daily habits.

By the way I recommend after reading this post is to check ot this post on building new habits that goes had in hand with this post.

So if you want to start to improve yourself you must put at least one self improvement habit to put in your daily life. 


Which you’ll see a handful of self improvement ideas at the end of this post.

But first, let’s discuss the elephant in the room.

Why self improvement is important?

I mean nobody asks themselves that question enough especially if you’re a self improvement junkie like me.

You just do it cause you love it. But that’s not enough for anyone.

So my answer to that question is simple if you feel where you are right now doesn’t bring you joy or
fulfillment then, doing self improvement work is a necessity to move forward with your life.

No complicated questions or anything just a true statement that will make it easier for you to decide whether it’s for you or not.

So you’re convinced enough to start self improvement? Your question might be where do I start?

Where do I start when bettering myself?

You want to start where you are in your life right now.  

Is there is a current goal you want to achieve? Or perhaps you want to live intentionally?

Regardless of your answer you should start where you are.

So here are couples of tips that will help you start self improvement

1- Set Goal 

I know it might be not what you want to hear but setting a goal doesn’t have to be this boring.

In fact, there are millions of ways to set goals that you can choose from.

Read my post here on how to set goals that you’ll want to achieve. 

Self improvement quotes

2- Focus

All beginning seems sparkly and fun and our brain likes to jump from one thing to another and if you want to start bettering yourself you need to master focus.

And what does that means? It means to focus on areas you want to improve.

Maybe you want to improve your personal life, or maybe you want to improve your relationships.

Or, it could be that you want to be better at your work.

So you must know where you want to be so you can start the right way. 

3- Educate yourself 

I didn’t start self improvement just because I thought something is missing, I started it when I educated myself about the topic.

Educating comes in many forms like what you’re doing right now, reading about self improvement. 

But what I suggest what every young woman should do is to read self help books.

I have written a lot of posts including lists of self help books. 

My point is when you are educated enough about a subject you’re more drawn to it from a different perspective.

Alright here is what you’re originally here for a list of self improvement ideas.

This self improvement list is tested by yours truly after feeling like there is so much to do and nothing seems to work.

Instead of figuring which self improvement idea to choose or when to do it, I divided the ideas based on the time of the day.

  • Morning ideas
  • Afternoon ideas
  • Night ideas

Here is the list of self improvement ideas

self improvement list ideas to try in the morning

  1. Give yourself one hour when you wake up
  2. Make your bed
  3. Read for 10 minutes (Check this post for my current read list)
  4. Watch the outside view from your window 
  5. Do breathwork for 2 minutes 
  6. Journal for 7 minutes (Read my post on how to journal for self-improvement)
  7. Do one exercise movement for 2 minutes 
  8. Look through inspirational photos on Pinterest
  9. Do thought work, which means to think thoughts that supports your goals
  10. Ask yourself who do I want to be today?
  11.  Plan your day (Do a post on that)
  12. Set one goal for today
  13. 10 Listen to motivational talks
  14. 12- Do your manifestation work 
  15. Go for a walk
  16. Tackle a hard task 
  17. Drink water
  18. Eat your breakfast 
  19. Take your vitamins
  20. Meditate for 7 minutes
  21. watch ted talks (check my list on best of TED talks for self improvement)

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Best ideas on self improvement

As afternoon time approaches we go into our old routine and our old self which if you ask me sets the whole mood for the day.

So this list of self improvement ideas are perfect around this time so you don’t slip in the day

Self improvement list ideas in the afternoon

  1. spend 10 minutes learning a skill you want to learn
  2. Make a list of thoughts you want to practice for the rest of the day
  3. 13- Take 10 minutes on a course you recently purchased 
  4. Listen to podcasts ( Check my list of favorite podcasts on self improvement)
  5. Don’t skip on the gym (If it’s allowed)
  6. Listen to another motivational talk
  7. Take a rest for 5 minutes 
  8. Watch the sunset and practice your thought work (Check Natalie’s blog on how to practice thought work)

Self Improvement Plan
You’ll learn

To have a clear vision
Set a time to act on it
Create a plan
and more
In just 10 days
Download this free PDF to help you have the right self improvement plan.

Helpful Resources:

  1. Be present at watch you do
  2. Reward yourself throughout this time (My favorite is watching a TV show at the moment)
  3. Fall in love with the process (quote)
  4. Connect with others 
  5. Practice gratitude 
  6. Do something crazy (I never buy anything online but I finally did and this is a big stretch for me. Find what crazy means to you and do it)
  7. Listen to a song that fires you up (In a good way)
  8. Organize your space before you work (Especially if you work from home)
  9. Spend 1 hour off social media (Said easier than done)
  10. If you have a vision board it’s time to look at it
  11. Delete one app you don’t use 
  12. Organize your phone folders
  13. Play brain game (My favorite is Brain Tes)
  14. Call one friend or one of your family 
  15. Follow up with your plan for the day 
  16. Check your financial accounts (If you budget or want to budget check my posts on how to start budgeting)
  17. Limit your Tv
  18. Forgive and forget anything that ruined your mood today
  19. Love yourself, ask yourself what you love about yourself today?
  20. Follow only influencers who make you feel good

More resources:

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Self improvement ideas that are practical

Let’s move on to the nighttime ideas to self improve and my best tip to give you is to choose at least 1 idea to choose from this list of self improvement ideas to add o your nighttime.

Self Improvement List Ideas for nighttime 

  1. Journal for 15 minutes of what was good about today (You can check my night journal prompt here)
  2. Take a bath to unwind 
  3. Listen to relaxing music 
  4.  Before bed ask yourself what is the next step I need to do to move forward? (Depends on your goals)
  5. Play your day in your head and pinpoint where something happened in your day you didn’t like and figure out how to make it better next time
  6. Visualize where do you want to be  a 6 month or a year from now
  7. Read for 5 minutes before bed
  8. Meditate for 10 minutes 
  9. Do what makes you feel right at night time

More Resources on self improvement:

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List of self improvement ideas

In conclusion 

It’s not about choosing all these ideas to master self improvement, it’s more about choosing what you feel will help improve you better.

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