10 Self Care Gift Ideas To Improve Your Life Quality

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Self Care Gifts Under $20

Gifts are not just for holidays nor they are only for your family and loved ones.

To become your best self you need to practice the art of giving, giving to yourself, and investing in yourself, It’s the only way to practice self-care.

The best part that these self care gifts are under $20.

But first, let’s answer these common questions about self-care

Why Self Care Is Important?

Self-care is important to know your worth and to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, improves your self-confidence, and self-love.

It comes in many forms:

  • Emotional Self-Care.
  • Practical Self-Care.
  • Physical Self-Care.
  • Mental Self-Care.
  • Social Self-Care.
  • Spiritual Self Care

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You don’t need to practice all of these, you can only choose 1-2 that resonates with you the most.

Self Care Gifts Ideas Under $20

1- Self Care Log

10 self care ideas to improve life quality

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The best way to practice self-care is by log journal, not only this will help you to figure out which area you need to focus on but it gives you the motivation to keep practicing self-care in your daily life.

I found that this log journal is the best because it’s mainly designed for self care practice

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2- Little Book Of Mindfulness

self care gifts

Mindfulness is to be in the present, to be aware of the moment, and no judgmental thoughts.

It has the ability to change the shape of your brain. But, if you have no idea how to practice mindfulness or you think your loved one needs it, then the little book of mindfulness is right for you.

You only need 5-10 minutes.

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3- Mindfulness Cards

This is another way to practice mindfulness. It will help you lead to a more positive life and less stress.

The good thing about these mindfulness cards is that they are practical, once you read it you know what to do and it gets you motivated to continue on with the next card.

They are like a little guide for you when you are out of ideas on how to run a self-care day.

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4- Panda Planner

They are the best planner you can find. The best thing about this planner is that it gives you some sense of happiness and feeling productive.

Upgrade your self-care with this amazing planner it includes a monthly, weekly, and daily goal setting and twice daily check-ins to reflect back on your day.

It’s such a great self-care gift for you or your loved ones.

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5- Essential Oil

A little extra boost for self care gifts.

In case you didn’t know essential oils are very powerful, and they can help you to calm your mind, bring focus, and boosts your mood instantly.

Best scents are relax essential oil blends, and peace essential oil blend

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Save 10% on Amrita Aromatherapy essential oils

6- Essential Oil Diffuser

You can’t have a self care gift without the essential oil diffsuer.

Now our nose can smell from a certain distance but this essential oil diffuser makes sure that you can smell the essential oil everywhere around your house.

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7- Music Therapy

self care gifts ideas
Photo by Elice Moore on Unsplash

Music has the ability to heal and bring sense of clam and motivation.

This is such a great self care gift for you especially or for your loved one.

Spotify has music of anything you could think of from bird sounds to sleep sounds and the best thing that it’s FREE, or you can go premium for free for 1 month.

But if you want to gift your loved ones, then amazon prime is the perfect gift.

8- Self Care Mask

This self-care gifts list wouldn’t be complete without some proper self-care for skin, as you practice self-care on the inside it’s just as important to practice it on the outside, it can have a big impact on your mood and your self-image.

Save 40%

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9- Meditation Pillow

If you practice meditation as a part of a self-care routine, then this pillow will come in handy.

I find it very distracting for me when I sit on a hard floor instead of a pillow

(Like this one), and on a side note even if you don’t practice mediation they can still make such a great element for sleep.

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10- Self Care Mini Bundle

If you have no problem spending an extra $9 for yourself or your loved ones then this self-care gift is perfect for you.

Imagine getting everything you need in one place from eBooks on self-care guide to self-care workbooks, for your mind, soul, and body.

I personally like that there are so many options to choose from and it’s worth the investment.

*Please note this offer comes once a year.


In the end, it’s important to choose carefully when choosing a gift for yourself or others and if it can improve your life’s quality, as this kind of gifts is what always counts.

Tell me which one you are most excited about? Would appreciate your comments.

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10 Self Care Gift Ideas To Improve Your Life Quality

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  1. Tina Rach

    Thank you for offering cheaper options. I love the oil diffusers. Will definitely give it a try

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    Great gift ideas and so affordable. They all really are awesome ways to prioritize self-care. Love them all.

  3. Naia

    Oil diffusers I think are the best gift! I love these ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

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    Thanks for these useful tips. I have the Little Book Of Mindfulness! love it

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    I love my oils and oil diffusers! My kiddos were a bit nervous last night about starting on campus today, so we diffused some oils to help calm them. And I love a good journal. I’ve gotten my 2nd grader to start journaling, too!

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    So many amazing ideas. I love the idea of the mindfulness cards.

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    Self-care gifts are the bomb! Especially when they’re inexpensive. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Fatima

    Essential oils do come in handy for everyday use. I use lavender for skincare, lemon for cleaning and peppermint for freshening up our home.

  9. Wow! These are some great self care gift ideas. I will have to get one log journal for me ☺

  10. Mariah

    These are such great gift ideas! I have an essential oil diffuser and it works wonders!

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    I have The Little Book of Mindfulness and love it! Ot would make such an incredible gift.

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    There are some really fab gifts here for sure. The essential oils and little book of mindfulness looks great x