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Step By Step Guide on How to Write Self Improvement Plan + Ebook Guide

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How can you better yourself in 2021

Isn’t this kind of question that comes into your mind when something goes wrong in your life?

We all go through this phase of how I can better myself.

But what you need is a plan and to be more precise it’s to set a self-improvement plan.

Yes, to become a better person you also need a plan and I know it’s the last thing you might want. But you are here for a reason.

To put this into perspective know that quick fixes will result in quick results.

But before we start you need to understand the 3 aspects of self-improvement.

It’s important to know what they are as they act like a manual guide.

How to start self improvement plan

First Aspect – Self Awareness

This aspect is crucial for self-improvement.

Self-awareness in plain English is to be aware of your thoughts and feelings and basically everything about you.

To explain it further self-awareness is to recognize your weakness and strengthens.

And this might be hard for you at first but just know that you are always gifted (it took me many years to figure this out)

Without it you won’t be able to proceed with your self-improvement plan.

Take a piece of paper or on google sheet jot down what you good at and what you are not good at.

Here are some prompts for self awareness to get you started:

Am I being authentic?

What do I not want to feel right now?

Is this who I want to be?

Is this worth my time?

Am I aligned with my values?

Second Aspect – Know Your Value

Knowing your own value will help you to set a self-improvement plan that is right for you because not everyone will agree with what I have to say or do and that’s okay.

This is where knowing your core values are important.

You get to set goals that aligns with your core value.

Remember core values are not what your culture set or social network set for you, it’s coming from your own personal experiences.

It’s a very deep topic which is why I suggest spending time to search and find out your core values.

Here’s a full guide to find your core value.

Third Aspect – Self Discovery

Ohhh the dreading concept that everyone seems to hate so did I.

If you are into a self-improvement journey it makes sense to discover yourself first before we seek out what to improve, right?

Why Is that?

Think of it this way, if you are on the lower fence of your life and you do everything wrong, you will probably try to find out what went wrong first before you go on to improve the situation.

Same thing with self-improvement and self-discovery they go hand in hand.

Now the question might be how do I find my self discovery?

It’s simple yet it takes persistent and practice just like anything you do.

Figure out your passion what you like to do?

What you don’t like to do?

What makes you feel a live that you can do it all over again?

Now, let’s move on the good stuff shall we?

How Do I Write a Self Improvement Plan?

If you followed the first 3 steps above then you can determine what you need to improve but let’s take it further.

There are 8 categories in life:

  • Personal / Spiritual development
  • Money
  • Family
  • Space and environment
  • Career
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Fun / enterterianment

(This may not apply to everyone)

Then you want to set goal for each one of this category (You don’t have to set for each one)

*Please note some of the links on this post are affiliate links, which means I may or may not earn a small commission if you decided to purchase through my link. (I only recommend products that I love).

How to Set Goals And Achieve Them?

Setting goals can be a daunting task and it should be because nothing worth having comes easily.

First Step of Setting Goals

Write down each goal for each catagory you choose.

Then list down the reason why you want each goal.

This is essential when you come back later to evaluate your goals, your brain will come up with 100 reasons why you can’t reach this goal.

Decide why you want to create a self improvement plan.

So beat it by first listing down your why.

I love using a sheet list to keep me accountable like this one.

A side note for goal setting your aim should be to set a very well defined goal and not vague.


I wanna lose weight

I want to lose 25Ib in a year ✔

By now you will find you have a clear path of what you truly want to improve as a person and life in general.

If you want a full guide on how to set goals, sign up for FREE slay your goals guide.

Create A Vision For Your Life

Without a vision you’ll have no idea of where to go.

You need to set a vision of each goal you set.

What do you look like?

What you are doing in that vision?

How do you behave?

This should be some of the questions that can shape your vision.

This is where meditation comes into play.

If you are anything like me being skeptical about mediation then this book meditation for skeptics is for you.

You probably already know this but to improve as a person, you have to become open to new ideas to self improve and new thoughts.

Habits To Support Your Plan

You may have heard that you need to create habits that supports your goals, while I do believe this essential for planning out your goals.

But I find it hard to stick to.

So, what can be done instead?

Glad you asked 🙂

You need self discipline and yes self discipline is overrated, but stick with me and I’ll explain how you can use it.

Let’s say you want to workout everyday in the morning (assuming you are not a morning person)

“Waking up in the morning is just not gonna happen”

So in that case self discpline won’t just cut it.

What you need for this kind of discipline is to always be on the lookout to try new routine for each goal you set.

For example:

Come up with a new routine that will support your goal

Follow it.

Didn’t work?

Try new routine.

But doesn’t this means I’m giving up? No.

To be honest, nobody knows you better than you, and if you really want to improve yourself as a person and having the right self-improvement plan for you.

You will find new routine that will work for you.

This is why as I mentioned taking time to decide why you want to create a self-improvement plan will be beneficial.

Daily Ideas To Self Improvement

No matter which goals you set, it is recommended to follow through Every.Single.Day

But what kind of daily ideas to practice improving as a person?

This will depend on every goal you choose, but there is always a rule of thumb to keep in mind.

Let’s take a look at one example.

If I want to lose 25Ib in a year my daily practice can be as followed:

Day 1: Drink at least 11 cups (2.6 l) of water

Day 2: Skip breakfast

Day 3: Add more veggies

Hopefully you get the idea.

But if you are struggling to come up with daily ideas to improve yourself then I recommend this eBook 30 days self-improvement challenge.

You will learn:

What you need to know to start self-improvement

Daily ideas to practice self-improvement

How to follow through

And more.

You can find more about this eBook here.

Moving on to next section.

Books on Self Improvement

Yes, I always recommend reading books on self-improvement and not just those kinds of books but it’s best to make reading a habit.

Simply reading open your mind to new ideas.

But that’s not the only reason I recommend to read self-improvement books.

Books on self-improvement or self-help books are a guide (most of them)

to help you with current struggles in life.

But don’t just read and hope for a change to happen immediatly

READ AND IMPLEMENT should be your motto (sorry for shouting)

How to write self improvement plan (template)

Now what kind of books to read on self-improvement

5 Am Club

The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fck

Feel the Fear And Do it Anyway

The Power Of Habits

I would ask you to trust me, but hey, I’d rather you decide for yourself and read the books.

I only recommend starting with 4 books as a starter and in fact, I always reread the same 4 books, you will be surprised by how much you learn each time.

What should I do after that?

There is nothing more to do than taking action.

You can have all knowledge and new ideas available to you but without the work they are nothing.

So here is what I found.

Become Accountable

Why do we always show up for other but not for ourselves?

A simple example is, you are more likely to wake up early to meet a friend than to wake up early to workout, right?

But don’t worry everyone is doing that but not yet aware, which is why self-awareness will help you along the way.

It’s okay if you don’t now all the steps but if you are ready to take this work on a deep level read on to find out.

30 Days Self Improvement Challenge as I like to call it, is a simple eBook to help you start self improvement plan the right way.

What you will learn:

What you need to start with

What to do on each week

How to follow through

And tracker/sheets to help you through the journey.

If you are ready to gain control over your life, then it’s worth the investment.

So when you are ready you can take the eBook knowing you have the right plan with you to improve as a person and become your best version.

Get the ebook here

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