You are currently viewing 28 Practical Ways That will Help You Master Self Improvement (As A Person)

28 Practical Ways That will Help You Master Self Improvement (As A Person)

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Self Improvement Habits to Practice Daily

Whether you are looking to improve yourself in your daily life, work, relationships, or even financially, there is something you should consider.

What is it you might be asking?

Self improvement should be a part of your everyday life.

But, I don’t mean if you don’t practice daily self improvement that there is something wrong.

Instead, I encourage you to apply at least 3 self improvements habits to practice in your daily life.

So let’s take a look at how you can self improve every day.

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Personal Self improvement

1- Use Planner

Why planner as the first idea to self improvement, you might ask?

Well, let me tell you using planner is the ultimate way to set yourself for success, whether you are looking to get fit, become financially independent, or want to build up your personal growth, then having a planner to use is a must.

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2- Practice Saying Thank you

Practicing saying thank you, in general, every day, will have a huge impact on your personal life.

You’ll have the opportunity to look for the good in your day instead of focusing on the bad.

So, what you can do today is to practice every morning/night what you are grateful for today, and watch your life change.

3- Read Books

Interested in financial topics, read about it.

Interested in economy, read about it.

The important thing is that you keep reading a habit, to expand your knowledge and brain.


4- Journal

Journaling is not for everyone, but if you have been wanting to journal for some time now, it’s time to start doing it.


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5- Meditate

If you are deciding on which daily self improvement ideas to pick, then pick meditating, for the amazing effects that you won’t know about it until you experience it.

Just make sure to have a comfortable pillow when meditating, like this one.

Self improvement habits to practice

6- Practice a New Language

Seriously, if you don’t practice a new language it’s time to start.

Not only you will have one more language to express yourself in but you will be able to experience a new culture.

You might also meet your spouse with a new language.

Italki has the perfect platform to start learning a new language.

7- Learn Something New

Whether that’s learning how to write, how to talk, or even practicing guitar just don’t stop learning.

Everything nowadays can be found online and almost for free.

Lately, I have been interested in visual journaling (Didn’t know there is such a thing) class on skillshare.

And if you think your desiring thing can’t be taught online, think again cause this platform has almost anything you can think about.

8- Take A new Course

What makes other successful people successful? Because they get to learn from other successful people and there is nothing wrong with that.

You’ll get to learn from other’s people’s mistake and you’ll get the results much faster compared to figuring it out on your own.

With every course I ever bought, I always ask why I didn’t found out about you before?

9- Coach Yourself

Yes, you can coach yourself to become a better person and to improve yourself daily.

Learn to coach your emotion, learn to coach yourself on making a decision, basically, everything about your personal life needs to be coached.

Alliance training can help you to become a coach just for your personal life, it’ll be the best decision you ever made.

10- Learn to express

One way to make self improvement successful for you is to teach yourself to honor what you feel, and express your feeling.

You’ll get to set boundaries yourself and open to yourself a new opportunity you would never experience unless you express yourself.

Learn when to say yes and when to say no.

For the right people to find you you need to say no.

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Now it’s time for…


When it comes to relationships it’s important to fix yourself as a person before looking to change your relationships.

I read this book that says it doesn’t take two to fix relationships.

Yeah… I know, it’s shocking.

Here are 10 relationships secrets

11- Listen More

You might heard of this before and it’s everywhere that it loses its meaning.

But what actually “listen” more means is to receive more than to give and of course this means to receive more words from the person that you want to improve your relationship with.

Tip from: Secrets of Happy Relationships

12- Accept and Tolerate

You’ll never gonna find two people who are exactly the same, but you might find a common language between you two.

One possible way to do this instead of saying you make me feel xyz say I feel xyz when you do xyz.

Simple enough but works.

Tip from: Secrets of Happy Relationships

13- Share your inner self

We are all busy with our times and thoughts but one secret to a happy relationship is to share those things.

Not only you’ll create a bond with the person but you’ll share a deep understanding of each other.

Tip from: Secrets of Happy Relationships

14- Respect each other

Respect comes in so many forms, but the most important form is to listen to each other.

This kind of respect will bond you with the other person and you’ll be able to work on problems as they arise.

Tip from: Secrets of Happy Relationships

Habits to practice for self improvement

15- NO Teasing

No teasing outside the house or anywhere in public, the kind of teasing that will disrespect your partner.

Something as mentioning something negative about your partner or even mentioning your partner’s flaws will backfire, so try to avoid it.

Tip from: Secrets of Happy Relationships

16- Share Enjoyment Of Food

This secret is underrated.

As you go by your life you get busy and will rarely have time to eat at home, but one thing to do to improve your relationship is to plan a meal together.

Appreciate those small moments that you have and use it to your advantage.

Tip from: Secrets of Happy Relationships

17- Inspire one another

Inspiration can come in one way or another but the kind of inspiration you can get from your partner will definitely upbeat the relationship.

Tip from: Secrets of Happy Relationships

18- Balance work, home, and play

All relationships start to get doomed when one gets busy with work or have no time.

You can sit down with your partner and go through who does which chores.

Or, even have a family daily plan.

Sounds easier said than done but it totally worth it.

Tip from: Secrets of Happy Relationships

Self improvement at Work

As much as it’s important to improve yourself in your daily life, you still need to work on your self improvement at work.

19- Set Boundaries

For the sake of your sanity, try to set boundaries at work from Day 1.

Things will fire back at you if you act nice or tried to be nice, not that I’m saying to be rude but try to set rules about your values at work.

Don’t make my mistake.

20- Learn to say no

How many times you were asked to do something for your coworker and you just couldn’t say no? I know I did and I even lost count.

When it comes to self improvement at work, this should be one of your rules.

Don’t give too much or expect too much.

And since I know it’s hard to say no, here are different ways to say it.

I wish I could help.

Sorry, but I can’t at the moment.

I know this is important but I can’t.

21- Report, Report

This might sound like you are trying to be rude but one way that’ll help you improve at work is to report from the moment something happens, so you don’t beat up yourself later about it.

If a coworker trying to tell you what to do, or being pushy report it and mention how hard it might affect your work.

Next thing you know your coworker will be staring at you (that’s all)

Just don’t report every detail so you don’t end up being the mama’s boy/girl

22- Show Up Early

If you are one of the people who have trouble coming to your work on time, please stop.

Not only this might ruin your reputation but you could have trouble coming to an important meeting on time, therefore you could lose a big promotion.

Try to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier.

How to start new habits

23- Become your Best

Show up your best at work every day and this means to wear your best, look your best, and feel your best.

Not only that but do the best you can at your job, you might not like the job you have but that’s not an excuse.

Who knows you might get a raise or a bounce.

24- Build Trust

And this goes to your coworkers and your boss, if you promise that you’ll work on something you need to do it.

And that’s not because you are obligated to but it’s because you gave a promise.

So you need to show up.

25- Be Grateful

Isn’t it hard to work when all you can think of is the bastard who ruins your day at work every day?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way, you can choose 5 coworkers and write everything good they did to you or helped you with.

This will help you to have positive energy when you go to your job.

26- Learn

And that means to learn more about your job position or about the company you work for.

Learning will help you to see where are your strengthens or weakness.

Maybe you are stuck in a job you don’t like just cause you to have a hard time finishing tasks easily.

This where comes learning about your job position will come into place.

27- Divide Your Tasks

This may differ from job to job but if your job requires you to do tasks then one way you can do is to split up your tasks into mini tasks.

And then focus on only one mini task until it’s done.

Not only this will help you improve your work but will help you get more productive.

28- Set Goals

The only thing that will help you improve at work is to set goals on the weekend whether that’s daily goals or weekly goals.

You’ll notice a huge difference once you start to work on implementing your goals, especially meaningful goals.

If you need a step by step on how to set and achieve your goals, click here to learn how to make it happen in 5 days.


At the end of the day, you strive to better yourself just for you and no one else and it’s all about the small things you do daily, so pick up one or two and work on it.

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Self Improvement Habits to Practice Daily

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