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+10 Quick Ways on How to Set Goals And Achieve Them

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How Do You Set and Achieve Goals?

Do you know why most people who try to achieve their goals give up quickly?

The answer is so simple yet it’s very effective.

It’s because they don’t have a plan.

But that won’t be you after reading this post.

You’ll learn how to achieve any goals you can think of and less likely to give up on those dreams.

With this plan, you are about to read I was able to change my career.

Let’s Get Started

Starting up for a goal success

How Do You Plan to Achieve Your Goal Successfully?

Like anything in life you need to plan to achieve your goals, this is essential when you are trying to set goals.

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Easy goal setting process

1- Get the right tool

I like a good planner especially an effective planner that is designed for goal setting like this one.

You’ll be guided with a step by step to set and achieve your goals.

Moving on.

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2- Let’s get deep

The first step is to get clear on why you want this specific goal?

And to make this enjoyable, pick one goal you desire.

Then ask yourself why you want this goal?

Then answer the answer you come up with

Keep answering all answers with why until you no longer can’t come up with another reason.

Usually, your last answer is the key to your achieving goals successfully.

How do you achieve your personal goals?

Steps to achieve goals

Here are 5 steps to achieve your goals

First Step: Write Down Your Goal

Make sure you have your planner ready so you can start the process of setting goals.

(If you haven’t gabbed your slay your goals planner, you can do so here)

Write down your goal in the plainest way you can think of, I say plainly because you don’t need to be perfect when starting out.

And a side note, not every goal can be set through the SMART Technique, I achieved goals without using it.

Goals examples:

I want to lose weight and get toned

I want to double my income

I want to travel to 5 different countries this year

Think of writing your goals as you tell your friends about your desires, this will get make you set clear goals.

Second Step: Break it into mini goals

After you write your goals and you know what you want, see if you can break them down into mini goals.

Mini goals are small action steps that are a part of the bigger goal.

Let’s take the goal example of traveling to 5 different countries this year and break it into mini goals.

  1. Search for cheap countries that are close by to travel
  2. Search for visa requirement
  3. Search for accommodation
  4. Flight prices
  5. And so on.

You see how it looks so much easier to accomplish this goal after you break it into mini goals.

Third Step: Create a List

Your next step is important so don’t neglect it.

Make a list of the things you need to do in order to accomplish this mini goal you write earlier.

This is good because we’re going in depth about this one small goal.

And make sure your list is 3x times more than you think it would be.

steps to achieve goals

Example: Goal Budgeting

One of your mini goals is to come up with a budgeting planner

Your to-do list could be something like that:

  1. Look for a budgeting planner online
  2. Purchase a budgeting planner
  3. Calculate how much for expense
  4. Calculate what is my monthly income

Your to-do list has to be an action step to take right away that will get you closer to achieving your goal.

how to achieve goals

Fourth Step: Schedule It

What is the purpose of doing all that without putting the time to schedule your action list?

So make sure to set some time aside and put your action list on the calendar, use the calendar section in this planner.

Or, you can use google calendar.

Fifth Step: Make it a habit

If your goals are the wishy washy type of goal then this step is not for you.

But what I learned that makes achieving goals much easier is to create a habit around your goals.

Habits will help you stick to your goal much easier because that’s where all people fail when achieving their goals.

Think of the last time you set some goal and you were so excited about it like we all do, to only find yourself feeling overwhelmed later and choose to give up.

Habits can be anything from:

  • Productivity
  • Time Management
  • Sleep early
  • Eat healthy
  • Stay active
  • Sleep more
  • And so much more

I recommend reading this post on how to build healthy habits and stick to them.

As you can see setting goals and achieving them seems so easy but there are a few things you need to do so you get the maximum results.

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What will help you attain this goal?

Now as I said earlier as the final step of setting goals is to make a habit, but that’s not enough.

Remember when I asked you to come up with multiple whys? This is your key to use when you feel like giving up on your goals.

One thing I like about the slay your goal planner it has a section for quotes and in case you don’t know quotes are this little push that you need but you don’t want to admit it.

Things to do to achieve your goals

Here is the most boring part and this where you need to push yourself even more.

Are you ready?

Review Your Goals:

How would you know you achieved your goal if you don’t review it? This is where tracking your goals comes into play.

You’ll be able to see where things went wrongs and the challenges that came along.

The slay your goal planner has a monthly goal checker as well as a yearly review for the bigger goals.

Check the planner here.

How can goals be accomplished?

There are 5 Golden rules to goals success

1- Pick goals that meet your core value:

When you choose a goal make sure it aligns with your beliefs and your values, this will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

For example, you don’t want to set goals on changing careers just because everyone told you so.

Another example is don’t set goals of making money online if you don’t believe it’s possible to make money online.

It’ll suck up all your energy as you also going in another direction.

2- Set Goals that are tied to a specific date

If your boss has signed you for an assignment and there was no deadline for when to finish this assignment, you are most likely to push it aside for when that “time” comes.


Let’s go back years ago to when you were a student, you had a project or an exam coming up, they have a specific date on when they should be done.

You start to work your ass up because the DEADLINE is getting closer and closer.

You want to approach goals in the same way, set a reasonable time to meet your goal.

Could be a 6 month from now or even 2 years from now.


3- Set Goals that align with your direction in life

So many people start the year strong for the new resolution to only find themselves by the end of the year somewhere else.

And that is called intention vs direction

The actions you take today will determine your direction tomorrow.

Saying you want to lose weight but do nothing about it’ll not get you the results you want.

4- Choose your emotions

One thing I learned to successfully achieve your goals is to choose the emotion you want to feel for that goal.

It’ll drive you to that goal.

If the emotion driving your goal is negative it’ll lead to burnout at the end of the road.

If the emotion driving your goal is negative it’ll lead to burnout at the end of the road.

When you think about your goal or when you talk about your goal what emotion do you feel?

5- Stick to your goal

Fear and self doubt will come after you, and it’s normal.

That’s your brain trying to protect you because you are doing something new.

Just don’t listen to these thoughts and don’t give them much attention.

What are some goal setting questions?

Here are 8 key questions on setting goals

  1. Why Do You Want This Goal?
  2. Where will you find this Goal?
  3. When you’ll find the results and do you need to be in a hurry?
  4. What is the persona that has the results is thinking?
  5. What is the persona that has the results is feeling?
  6. Do you need to worry?
  7. What can you do this week to get closer to achieving your goals?
  8. What will be different about your life when you achieve this goal? And what will be the same?
New Year Goal Setting Infographic

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