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7 techniques to positive thinking you need to know 

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7 Great techniques for positive thinking that don’t include journaling 

Looking for techniques to positive thinking? If you’re having a challenge right now in any area of your life it can be hard to think positive about it.

But what if instead of forcing things to change you get to think positively about your problems? You get to keep them but without adding suffering. 

In this post, I share 7 great techniques to positive thinking that works instantly.

Great techniques to positive thinking 

Want to practice more positive thinking? 

I mean that’s why you’re here but sometimes you might don’t have that self awareness that you need to start positive thinking. 

It’s simple but not easy, have you ever tried to set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier and found yourself struggling to pull yourself out of bed? 

That’s what positive thinking requires- to feel uncomfortable!

How can I train my mind to think positively?

Training your mind to think positively is gonna require a lot of effort on your part, don’t expect it’ll happen overnight.

However, if you stick to only one technique it’s gonna take you far, and will see results immediately. 

So without any further ado, here are 7 great techniques to positive thinking. 

7 techniques to positive thinking 

The first step to positive thinking 

1- Self awareness

It’s the first step to changing your mindset and it’s the first step to doing anything in life for that matter. 

Notice your thoughts, where do they usually tend to go? Maybe the narrative is I don’t know what I am doing with my life? Or it could be I feel stuck? It’s gonna always be something that’s pulling you backward. 

There are so many ways to become self aware, and you can read the post I wrote on how to improve your self awareness like a boss, it’ll will help you a lot. 

Best Techniques to positive thinking 

After you have noticed your thinking and mastered self awareness it’s easier to practice different to work on your mindset. 

1 – Redirect your thinking 

One of the quickest ways to change your mindset to be positive is to redirect your thinking. 

Every time you run into “Negative thought” you reply back to yourself with the “Yeah, but” or “And


  • I’m a mess yeah but that’s okay. 
  • I don’t have a job yeah but I’m gonna work on getting a new one. 
  • I’m lazy and still amazing. 
  • I’m a bad mom and I’m working on getting better. 

Do you see in the examples above how it shifts the whole meaning of the thought? Unlike affirmation where you repeat different statements but still feel off. 

This works because you reply back to your brain yeah I’m that person or I have this challenge and you give it another reason to shift the thought. 

How to practice?

Think of a challenge you’re going through right now and notice the thoughts that come up then add the “yeah, but” or And” followed by something positive.

Don’t give in if you start to notice that it’s hard to think of something positive. 

Make sure to feel the statement you add and that’s how you’ll know it’s powerful.  

2- Having your own back 

Exactly what it sounds like! How many times do you beat yourself up in a day? How often do you say to yourself that you always get it wrong? 

That kind of talk or thinking will not only turn your life into suffering but will surely make you miss so many opportunities especially if you want to grow. 

Having your own back is acknowledging where you are at or what you doing depending on your situation but still being compassionate. 

Just like you would have your friend’s back, why don’t you do it to yourself?

You’re human 

Whenever you face a situation where you start to beat yourself up “affirm” to yourself that it’s okay that that happen.

That doesn’t mean you deny that you did something wrong but it’s simply that you’ll have your own back no matter what, just like what you’ll do with your friend.  

How to practice? 

From now on if you make a simple mistake remind yourself that you’re human everyone makes mistakes. 

Take a deep breath and put your hands on your heart

And ask yourself the following:

  • What would I say to my friend?
  • How can I get better next time? 
  • What do I need to do right now to feel better?

Doing that will uplift you and let you know that you’re 100% worthy and it’s okay to make mistakes. 

3- Ask your brain 

Another great technique for positive thinking is to ask your brain and this is by far the most powerful technique to shift your mindset. 

Your brain has all the answers, it’s like a computer when you put in a “keyword” it brings all the data for that keyword. 

It’s the same with your brain when you put in that keyword it starts to search for data related to your keyword. 

How to practice?

Your brain is smart so the best way to ask your brain is to ask clear and positive questions. 

You don’t want to ask your brain questions like that:

  • Why am I so broke?
  • Why am I not happy?

You can instead ask questions like these:

  • How can I start this project within the next week?
  • How to make more money this month?
  • What small action can I take right now to make me happy?

And so on. 

4- Run an unintentional model 

Just briefly the life model goes like that: 

Your thoughts create your feelings. 

Your feelings create your action:

Your results are created by those actions.

And where do these thoughts come from? From your perspective and the circumstances around you. 

So a quick personal example to help you understand the life model better is:

  • Circumstance: I work a 9-5 job full time 
  • Thought: This 9-5 job life is not for me. 
  • Feeling: Dreadful 
  • Action: Struggle to wake up in the morning, slack on work, don’t plan my projects accordingly, look for different jobs, waiting for something to happen. 
  • Result: Staying stuck in 9-5 job life. 

That’s how the unintentional model works, if you just start doing that you’ll create an awareness that will help you to think and shift your mindset about your life. 

More resources on positive thinking:

How to practice?

Like I shared with you in the example above you want to go in the same order.

Think of something that you just can’t shake off and put it in that model and see what comes up for you.

It’s gonna change your life. 

5- What’s the affirmation?

I know that I said before that I don’t like the word affirmation and they mostly don’t work not because they’re fluff but because nobody explains the science behind it. 

A quick explanation of what affirmations are is they’re positive statements of your desired outcome to repeat repeatedly to change your life. 

But here’s how it works?

Affirmation is a powerful tool if used correctly. Your life is made of thoughts and these thoughts are the beliefs that created your life. 

So if you always believed that all rich men/women are bad people then how do you expect to be rich? 

With that belief, it’s hard to say or practice affirmation that supposedly helps you change your mindset about money. 

How to practice?

You want to move to the next believable thought so you don’t want to go from I’m never going to be successful to I’m a successful person. 

This right there will not make you successful cause your brain knows it’s not true. 

Instead, you want to move this belief up a bit so you can go from I’m never going to be successful to something like I know that I’m not successful but I’ll do my best. 

Here are more examples:

  • I’ll never make enough money ———– But I’m working on getting more money
  • I’m gonna always end up single ————— 
  • The housing market is so expensive —————— I only need that one house I can buy 

6- Allow your feelings

You’re bound to feel negative it’s inevitable and you don’t want to be positive all the time since that will make life more meaningless. 

But there is a difference between accepting what’s negative and adding suffering to what you experience. 

Let me explain

When a challenge faces you there are the facts that are in front of you like losing a job or getting a divorce you’ll immediately feel “negative” and you want to feel negative you’re human. 

But what you’re doing and I do and everyone does is adding more negative emotion and unnecessary drama to what you’re going through. 

You lost a job? How do you want to feel about that? Frustrated? Or upset? Choose only one emotion you feel in that challenge and allow that feeling to be there. 

It’s okay to feel negative, if you resist it’s gonna come to you in different ways. 

How to practice?

Think of something that is bothering you and choose one feeling that you feel and breathe into it say I see you and I feel you

Don’t act on it, allow it to be there and run in the background while you go on about your day. 

7- Mind your talk 

Last techinque to positive thinking which ties all what I covered in this post is mind your talk, it’s a such big topic that would need it’s own post but I’ll share the basics which will help with positive mindset. 

What do you see when you look at yourself in a mirror? You don’t actually look at yourself you only look at what’s wrong with how you look. 

From that white grey hair that showed up to that rolled up tummy you have. 

What that does is that it put your mind to always think something is wrong with you and you’ll show up in the world feeling like that. 

Focus on the positive

Yes, shift your mindset to focus on the positive to change that narrative that goes in your head about yourself. 

If the narrative about yourself is I hate, I don’t like, and I struggle, imagine how you’ll end up?

How to practice?

This is the hardest technique of them all because as a human we’re wired to think negatively in our daily life, so don’t fret if you find this exercise overwhelming. 

  1. step 1: Choose one area (Be very specific) that you have a negative mindset about. 
  2. Step 2: Intentionally run the narrative that you always say to yourself 
  3. Step 3: Get curious about that narrative that you go through. 
  4. Step 4: Ask yourself what if you’re wrong?


You’re trying to lose weight and going to the gym is one of your methods to lose weight, your narrative could be:

Oh, I have to go to the gym today, I don’t know why but I’m not seeing any results with that I’m not fit and I can’t even do exercises properly. 

I’m sure everyone is staring at me cause of that flabby tummy, I’m really struggling to lose weight and nothing to seem to work. 


Conclusion on tips for positive thinking 

Great positive doesn’t mean you only think positive all the time, you get to experience the 50/50 in life without suffering. 

Which positive thinking technique you’ll try and which one got your socks off?

More resources on positive thinking:

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