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The High 5 habit book summary (7 quick lessons)

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I want to share the high 5 habit summary in case you’re on the fence to buy this book

If you’re engaged in self-development resources then I’m sure you came across this book The High 5 Habit by Mel Robbin.

The first time I read the title before the launch, I was oh boy here we go another 5 habits to include.

But then when the big day happened and Mel went live to talk about her book before the launch, I was hooked and had to buy it!

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the high 5 habit summary

1- Cheer yourself

The whole book talks about this one simple habit that can change your life and it’s safe to say that this a bold statement but if you don’t trust me then go ahead and try it yourself like other of thousands of people.

Go to a mirror and look yourself in the eye and give yourself a high 5.

When I heard those words coming from Mel I was this is exactly what I need to do, to cheer myself up.

You might be wondering how this one simple habit can change everything for you, which leads to my next takeaway.

2- Brain default

Oh my, look at that pimple staring at me! or why do I have all these wrinkles on my face?

Oh my god, I gotta get ready for work and I don’t feel like doing this anymore.

This is what your brain is doing on default, every time you look in that mirror there is always some kind of negative talk that is about to go on.

And poor you, you just listen to this mental chatter.

This chapter in the high 5 habit book alone is worth the hype, it’s backed with science and deep research that will help to rewire/reprogramme your brain.

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3- Jealousy?

It’s this person’s fault that I don’t feel insecure.

She is lucky that she has this amazing body, no wonder no one likes me.

Or how about, if this person didn’t exist I would be happy!

The last one was a bit harsh but the truth is we all have this person who we envy and we feel horrible every time we come across them.

Mel explains in the high 5 habit book how you can use jealousy to inspire you and pull you towards what’s missing in your life.

4- Train it

Talk and talk and put all your energy towards this negative thought and then the thought will become a reality.

What’s the first thing you do when you have been just thinking about something and then you see happening before your eyes? Oh my god! I was just thinking, talking, reading about it!.

Well, that’s something called RAS that has control over what you think and creates the results in your life.

In this book, Mel teaches us how to train the RAS to spot the good and create extraordinary results in our life.

Even those rocks shaped hearts.

5- I’m not thinking about that

Why are all these thoughts coming like a hurricane? Like I just can’t control it.

But, I’m not thinking about that!

Is it that easy? Yes and no.

But here is a clue your brain hates to be interrupted, so what do you do?

You say “I’m not thinking about that”.

6- Brain knows

This painting would hunt her forever until she got it. The story of the painting will show you how your brain wants you to get what you want, you just need to listen and act.

The audiobook version for this story will water your eyes.

And like what Mel says 5-4-3-2-1 I’m doing it anyway.

7- Do it

Each morning before you leave the bathroom, give yourself a high 5. Keep doing it for 5 days and your life will have a fresh start.

Check this post If you want to make a plan for your goals.

Now before you even ask how is this going to exactly change my life, by giving myself a high five? Here is something else to ask, why even look in the mirror? Can’t I just high 5 both hands?

Find out the reason why Mel says it’s crucial to do this habit in front of the mirror and how this habit can change your life in 5 days.

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I hope that this the high 5 habit summary helped you to learn a thing or 2, So like what would Mel Robbins says 5,4,3,2,1 go get that book.

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