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Do you have the passion to read, but you don’t have enough time? Or do you feel like reading is just not for you?

Whether you want to read more or learn more, here are 5 ways you can read more.



Set the right focus

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Define how many books you want to read per month. Whether it’s 2 books or 10 books you always want to focus on what you want to accomplish and set for yourself a strategy that will help you keep reading.

Not everyone’s schedule is the same, but your aim should be 45  minutes a day if you want to read more books in a month.


Set the reason why?

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Everyone has their own reason why they start reading, maybe it’s for pleasure or knowledge.

Only you can figure out why do you want start reading.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself  to find out your reason.

  • Do you want to get more information about a certain topic?
  • Maybe you are on a self development journey
  • Or you want to learn a skill in specific  time

Finding out why you want to read the books, it’s your number 1 motivation and will set you on the right track.


Read the right books

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Did you know there are

129,864,880 books in the world 

Determine which books that would serve you purposely, or maybe you want to read for pleasure. Whatever that is there is always a book everyone.

Or you can type your main category for a book you want to read in the google search bar and below the search more there are 5 icons, click on the more icon menu and you will find a category for books and all books of the category you choose will come up.

Or you can search for books here to help you find the right book.


Leave the ones you don't enjoy

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You don’t have to continue reading a book if you don’t enjoy it, but if you find a valuable book that might help you, but you have a hard time reading it there are 2 options that you can use.

Audio books: Sometimes hearing a book is better than reading when you have a hard time finishing one.

Audible is one of the best audio books.

Summaries: They are the most main point that the book cover and you don’t have to read the whole book.

Ex. Four Minute books is a great tool for summarizing the books and they have a small questioner when you enter their website and they send you the best books based on your answer.


Make notes

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It helps you to remember where you left off, especially if you take longer breaks for reading sessions. It  depends on what kind of book you read. Self help books and guides are best for making notes, always highlight the main point or couple of sentences that you want to remember later, this will help you reading more later.


There are so many ways you can help you to read more but those are the main ones that you should consider.

Formal Education will make you a living but self education will make you a fortune -Jim Rohn

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Hi, I'm Amira and I run the website The Self Art for young women to become their next best version using mindfulness and the inner work.

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  1. Lidia

    I enjoyed seeing resources and the small activities one can do while reading, I would’ve never guessed. Great blog post!

    1. Amira

      Yeah, it’s important to make reading more enjoyable thank you.

  2. Kathleen Wonders

    Hi, I do love reading books and the ones I enjoy in particular are stories. I’m not into non-fiction books that much. I usually just download from the local library. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me to read even more!

    1. Amira

      I used to read book stories years ago. I think i will try to read more fiction books. Thank you 🙂

  3. Grace Fredericks

    I love to read, but I have found it can be hard to get started. Thank you for these great tips!

    1. Amira

      I used to also struggle with reading but I started it and never looked back 🙂

  4. Helen

    Great post, I am a big fan of reading, just wish there were more hours in the day for it. It is only recently that I have decided to quite a book if it doesn’t grab me, no point slogging on if you don;t enjoy it after all there are so many books and so little time

    1. Amira

      True. I usually read the back of the book or search for a summary online and see if it’s worth reading.