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Effective ways to have a fresh start in 2022

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Are you overwhelmed by what the last few years threw at you? And looking for a fresh start?

Or do you feel like no matter how you want to keep going, life just throws curveballs at you?

If you don’t know how to give yourself a fresh start, whether that’s a fresh start for the mind or a fresh start in life, then read on to learn more. 

how to give yourself a fresh start

Okay, so this may seem cheesy or you feel like there is more to this question itself.

You’re right!

making a fresh start in life is different for everyone and one thing can be great for you and others not so well.

This is why it all starts in our minds.

Fresh start for the mind

First, you gotta look at yourself like you look deep at yourself and ask do I need a fresh start?

How do you view things? What are your thoughts about certain beliefs or even what are you thinking daily that causes you to feel stuck and want a fresh start? 

This may all sound like a puzzle at first but as you continue reading everything will make sense. 

Here are 22 tips to have a fresh start for 2022

This list is in no particular order and you can use all the tips or choose a few. 

1- Set goals 

Yes! And I don’t mean to set a plain goal like saving $10k per month or traveling around the world, while there is nothing wrong with these goals but everybody wants to save money and travel but they just don’t do it.

The type of goals to set that I am talking about needs to be aligned with your values, that’s the secret to setting goals. 

One of my goals is to be connected to my family, cause that’s one of my core values, so I started:

  • Planning trips.
  • Reduce aruging,
  • Be present.
  • And so on. 

2- Change your mindset 

One of the best tips I can give to start a fresh life is to change your mindset.

Changing mindset is all about shifting your thoughts about life in general or about current beliefs you hold on to. 

So what kind of thoughts do you have about your current life? Is it that I’ll never get ahead? Or it could be that I’m overwhelmed by what’s happening around the world. 

They may sound true but these are all your thoughts.

To change your mindset, you need to look at your life from a different perspective and take action. 

Start to journal on your current thoughts and see how they’re serving you and control the results you have in your life. 

3- Invest in your growth 

Investing in yourself is one of the biggest rewards you can have in your life. 

You might be thinking, I don’t have that kind of money to spend on myself or to take a course but investing in your growth doesn’t need to be costly.

You can always learn for free and then dive deep into it by investing. 

There are many ways to invest in your self growth, from reading books to podcasts to even attending webinars. 

Look at the person you take information from and if they have the results that you want then learning from them is so worth it. 

4- Learn and apply

This goes hand in hand with investing in yourself but this one requires more doing than learning. 

How many courses have you purchased and didn’t have the time to finish yet? Or buying several books and never getting the time to read and apply what you learned?

I don’t blame you but our brain loves to put so much information and thinks this is what will change our life. 

So the way to start is if you have a book go ahead and reread if you have already and start taking notes and take action. 

You can listen to this podcast to learn more about learning and applying. 

5- Lean to what you don’t want

Just as important is to find out what you want, is to find out what you don’t want as this helps you to avoid going in a direction you don’t want. 

A practical thing to do to find out what you don’t want is to make a list of things you don’t want in the future or right now and start to eliminate them one by one.

6- Read or listen 

Need a fresh start and a new beginning? You got to get your information from somewhere and the best way I find it easier is to either listen or read. 

You might be thinking I don’t have time to read or listen!

If you have time to scroll on social media or even text back and forth then you sure have time to do either of them.

Read books on self improvement or listen to podcasts about personal growth, anything that will get a fresh start to yourself and others. 

7- Attend webinars 

If your favorite coach or mentor is hosting a webinar paid or free, get your butt there, there is nothing more transformational than receiving information live and the energy with having people who share the same goal as you making it much more appealing. 

Don’t have a coach or a mentor, check out this resource page where I share my favorite coaches. 

8- Who you are

Discovering yourself is truly a life-changing experience, get out there, try something new, and give yourself the time to adjust to new things. 

Knowing who you are will help you set goals that are aligned with your values and when you’re in the face of a hard decision it’ll be life-changing cause you already know who you are.

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9- Your beliefs 

To have a fresh start in life there are two points you need to know, your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your actions and your actions create your results.

Read that again. 

So what does that means? The beliefs you have about your life and yourself are not just only patterns of thoughts you repeat to yourself until you believed them but they’re creating the life you dislike right now. 

From here you can start to question beliefs you already have, how do these beliefs serve you? Does it hold you back? What better thought that feels true that you can practice right now?

Examples to have a fresh start beliefs

My belief about money is that you have to work to get the money.

What does it make me feel? Hustling.

What does that make me do? Work all day, all week, stay stuck in a job, etc. 

The result? Staying stuck and don’t look for opportunities. 

You can see how this one belief is creating the life I currently have.

10- Who is your coach?

As I probably mentioned throughout the post, having a coach will not only help you to create extraordinary results but a good coach will help you create better decisions in your life.  

6 months ago I made a decision to invest in a coaching program and that was life changing and still is.

11- Feel the fear

It’s inevitable. As long as you continue to grow and be on an unfamiliar path you’ll feel the fear but as Suzen Jeffers refers to her book “Feel the fear and do it anyway” 

This statement alone has such power to release all the self doubt you may have or the guilt you’re feeling. 

I do recommend you get the book feel the fear and do it any way that will go along with this tip.

12- Give yourself a break

Pause. The best way to avoid feeling overwhelmed or like you gonna pull your hair, just pause and cheer for yourself.

One habit I started to implement daily since the book came out, is to high 5 myself in the mirror (I do highly recommend reading the high 5 habit) and no matter how hard it gets, I always cheer myself.

Start to cheer yourself, look past your accomplishments, and know that you have done enough already.

13- What didn’t work last time

When starting something new or having a fresh start for the second time you want to go back to what didn’t work the last time, otherwise, you would repeat the same mistakes. 

Was it that you didn’t set a time for it? Had too much drama about it? Lack of motivation? Whatever didn’t work last time, figure out and set a plan to make it work this time. 

14- Why even change at all

Change is scary, we know that! The truth is your brain would rather complain about the life you have instead of doing what can and would change your life, and that’s okay. 

But that’s what a fresh start for the mind comes into play. 

Working on your mindset will get you the results of changing your life. 

How to have a fresh start
My favorite quote

15- Check in with your habits 

Okay, so this tip out of all tips is the most effective one, why? Cause we run our days on autopilot.

You wake up, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, shower, go to work, and so on. If you keep doing the same things you always do you will stay the same, having a fresh start in life on the other hand requires more deliberate thinking than just living on autopilot.

One way to reduce autopilot is to find one thing you do in your day daily that you can change how you do it.


  • Brush your teeth with your non dominate hand.
  • Wear your shoes in reverse (Left feet first then right, or vice versa).
  • Count stairs steps.
  • Take the stairs if you always use the elevator.
  • Slep on the other side of the bed.

16- Redirect the rejection

Rejection doesn’t mean that this is it. It simply means redirecting your attention.

One way to fresh start life is to redirect the rejections, meaning that every time you get rejected for something, start to ask yourself these questions:

What’s the next step that will get me to where I want to be?

What kind of thought cause me to feel rejected?

What kind of belief I’m holding on to?

17- Make it simple 

Having a fresh start in life is simple yet it’s not easy.

It’s simple to start reading more books, waking up early, going to the gym, etc. But the one thing that stops you from doing all these decisions is that you don’t feel like it! So whenever you’re about to do something count backward and just do it.

I recently learned this insightful truth from Mel robbin’s latest book the high 5 habit, I also wrote a review about the book, sharing my 7 quick tips I learned from Mel robbin’s book.

19- Watch those who already do what you want to do 

Don’t we all feel jealous of someone who is close to us? How about our neighbor Karen who always seems to have her life together? Or what about Steve who seems to have an easy life and can travel all around?

Instead of feeling pity about our life, it’s time to look for our own insecurity.

What about Karen’s life that makes me insecure?

What kind of mindset does Steve have?

How can I start to do the same?

Answer this and your life will change.

20- Track and track 

Track the goals you set for the year or the plan you put out for yourself, it’s always important to measure out success and failures you have so you can improve the next time.

One of my favorite ways to track my goals is to use this tracker or you can use this journal and start to use prompts.

More resources:

21- You’ll lose 

Yes, it’s bound to happen, as long as you continue to grow and expand and step outside of your comfort zone, you gonna experience loss but you don’t have to freak out or use it as a sign that something is wrong.

To have a fresh start in life, you must experience loss and that’s okay.

Shift your focus and things will start to change.

  • What do I make this loss means?
  • Which lesson did I learn from this experience?
  • What kind of story am I telling myself about this loss?

22- Get inspired

Being inspired is like eating when you’re hungry or drinking when you’re thirsty. It’s the needle that pushes you when you’re stuck.

Do something new, take that new class, try a new routine. Or even learn a new skill.

Whatever inspires you just do it.

Final note

And finally, a fresh start doesn’t have to be complicated all it takes is to start to implement one idea at a time and things will slowly shift, do the work and you will get there.

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