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Self-improvement is a way to reflect on yourself and to improve the quality of your life.
There are so many ways you can start to build self-improvement, it’s hard but very rewarding.

It’s a journey, not a race.

Step Out of your Comfort Zone


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When it come to expanding our comfort zone area we feel a threat, but it doesn’t have to be over the moon.

Determine what makes you feel anxious or doesn’t make you feel comfortable to try and start from there.
It could be a dish from different cuisine if you not keen on trying new dishes (you may end up traveling to the cuisine’s country)

When you work on those uncomfortable things first you will be more comfortable about expanding your comfort zone and explore more.

Life Begins at The End of your Comfort Zone-

Take Risks


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Taking risks in your life helps you to grow and expand what you already think you know. They are necessary for you to live a quality life (Jumping off a bridge is not an option)

If at some point you don’t ask yourself ” what I have got myself into?”

then you are not doing it right -Roland Gau

Learn A New Language


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Learning a language is not just fun but it can improve your life’s quality and the way you think. The outcomes are endless, you never know how far you can go with learning a language.

You don’t have to learn it to be fluent, you can go with the basics.

You never know where you can meet your soulmate 😉

To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world-

Watch Out What you Watch


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What you spend your most time of is consuming you. I assuming most of you on social media most time of the day , they have an impact on your mood and thoughts.

So why not use it for your favor and for your improvement? Watch content that will help you grow and challenge yourself.
Possibilities are endless from TED Talks to Influencers.

When your feed is filled with uplifting content it will help you reflect better on yourself.

Keep watering yourself, you are growing -E.Russel

Read a Book


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The best for the last! This is not an option because books are like the little therapy that you need sometimes. Especially the self-improvement books, they are always with you when you need a push button.

Choose your books wisely.

Reading a good book is like taking a journey…Emma Gulliford

Click here to for book recommendations 


How is your journey going to be?




  • Comfort zone
  • Are you risking?
  • Learn and grow
  • What are you watching?
  • Reading is a therapy


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